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Donation Methods

on Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:41 pm
We Currently Have Three Ways Of Donation!

Option 1: Paypal

All of the links at the side that you see are for paypal. So just click one of them, and you will be redirected.

Option 2: Deposit

Using another type of service to deposit to our server area. (This is a direct deposit into the server so it will be stuck inside the account funds that will pay for the server in the next month.)
If you use this method use the following link:

Option 3: Mail

You can mail me checks, or just money in an envelope, however this method is still available, but discouraged incase it is lost in the mail, or a mistake is made. If it's a check no big deal, however cash is sometimes "accidentally" taken by our local post office workers. (My friends and I saw one feeling envelopes for money, opening one, and taking what was inside, and there was also a big dispute on our local news about it when he got caught. If you can't donate using other methods I understand just message me on the forum, and I will give you the mailing information.

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