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[GUIDE] Gangs

on Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:35 am
Do you lead a gang? Are you thinking about leading a gang? Follow this and yo' be bangin' da streets in no time!


Role-playing as a gang member within SA:MP is a very unique, and possibly rewarding, experience. While most anyone can slap on a skin and say "I am best gangster!" and run around with a gun, that does not mean they know near enough about realistically portraying a gang member. It is a type of roleplay that is easy to do at a "barely passable" rate, but something that is extremely difficult to do well. I have been a SA:MP gang member role-player for multiple years, and I am writing this guide with the hope that it will aid those of you out there that choose to take on this challenge, no matter how you approach it, be it as a young member on the block, or an O.G. who has seen it all. I intend to make this guide as general as possible, catering it to any ethnicity as well as any background.

Be Yourself

No body wakes up and decides they are going to go outside and start gang banging. Most often in real life, becoming a part of a gang has been a life long process, with past experience leading to a person's increasing involvement in the criminal life. For example, take a white person who has lived in Vinewood his whole life. He's 18, has two loving parents, a lot of friends, and an overall great life. It would be extremely Non-RP for him to say "I hate my life" and just head down into Ganton and start banging and selling drugs. Take the same white person, except now he was born and raised in the Ganton projects. His father was never around, his mother tried her best to keep her son fed, clothed, and healthy, but due to her job was never fully able to take care of him, and he was constantly picked on and beat up by Hispanic kids. It would be more realistic for this character to fall in to drug dealing to support himself, and therefore begin hooking up with gang members for protection and a family to belong to.

Your character has to be the way they are for a reason, and a good reason. A good reason would involve growing up poor-lower middle class, bad influences from friends or family, or sticking together for racial and protection reasons. Poor reasons include dead parents at age 10 so you sold crack for money, always being beaten up by"this one black guy" so you want revenge, or merely "wanting" to. Know your character, know why they are a certain way, and know how they do certain things.


Using appropriate slang greatly enhances the quality of your Role-play. However, when inappropriately or incorrectly used, it can be detrimental to your image as a role-player. Slang can vary from the more "commonly" known words to specifically known sentences and words. Saying "What's up homie?" is an extremely common phrase using the slang. "What's up" means "What is going on with you" and "homie" is a universally known noun for "friend" or "acquaintance." So in three simple words, everyone knows you specifically meant "What is going on with you my friend?" A slang phrase such as "Chale, this pinche yesca is chafa ese'!" is something that not many would understand, but to those who do understand it, it makes clear sense and makes you look like a more professional and higher-quality role-player. Those are both prime examples of how slang can make you seem like a more intelligent and overall better role-player.

Unfortunately, incorrect use of slang can make you seem unintelligent, dim-witted, or flat out bad at role-play. This is more often seen from Hispanic, Asian, or any non-English ethnicity faction, as those of us who are primary English speakers tend to mix up words or butcher a dialect. For example, saying "Hey ese vato bro. Orale can I ride in the carro with those fine chorros?" to those of us who only speak English would cause us to think it is a perfectly legitimate sentence. On closer inspection, the sentence literally translates to "Hey man man bro. Right on can I ride in the car with those fine penises?" Little sense is made, and your chances at ever role-playing with that faction are severely diminished. Research appropriate slang and dialect for your gang, and you will be rewarded with a much better response by your RP peers.

The Hood

The reason most gangs exist is through either a mutual desire to make money, banding together for protection against a common enemy ( Be it rival gangs, police, the government, etc. ), or allying among racial lines. The term "Gang" in modern times refers to a group of people, 3 or more, that work together towards the common goal of committing crimes for varied reasons. Most gangs are based out of poor or lower middle class neighborhoods because it's inhabitants have undergone trauma throughout their lives because of violence, death, disaster, lack of money, and/or government brutality, and they are attempting to make it better by any means necessary. The life in the "hood" is rough, unforgiving, and substandard. Generally, your character should come from a poorer background than most, and your gang's role-play should center around a specific area. This can vary, as some gangs grow larger and ruthless, attempting to spread out and cover larger areas of space. For example, a gang that starts out as 5 guys in the Ganton projects may eventually reach over 20 members, and see it appropriate to spread out to control Grove Street as well. Gangs spread out to different areas usually for reasons of extorting it's residences, sell their products, and have a farther area to spread out from enemy gangs.

Los Santos offers a plethora of areas that are appropriate for gang role-play. All of Middle to Eastern Los Santos is ideal for gang role-play; Las Colinas, Glen Park, Jefferson, Los Flores, East Beach, Playa Del Seville, Willowfield, Ocean Docks, Ganton, Grove Street, Idlewood, El Corona, and Unity Station offer limitless possibilities for gangs. While it is less common to see gangs outside of Eastern Los Santos, areas such as Temple, Verona Beach, Richman, Marina, and Conference can suit gangs just as well as any "hood" in East Los Santos. Even more rare is to see gangs outside of city, though NorteƱo or Biker factions have been known to base themselves just outside of Los Santos in Dillimore or Blueberry. Wherever you choose your hood, however, your role-play life and gang should be based in that area. In order to provide the highest amount of realism, your gang should be known to congregate around certain areas. When your gang name is mentioned, players should be able to easily recognize and remember that, "Oh yeah, they hang around Grove Street." or "Yeah they're regularly chilling out at Verona Beach." Not only does this bring you more business and members, it really improves how you look as a faction and the quality of your role-play, because gangs in real life have their areas, their streets, their "turf." Hood life is THE life of a gang.

The Legacy of The Streetz

The history of gangs within the United States dates back to the 1800's, though what we in modern times think of as "gangs" originated in the 1960's after the end of the Black Panther party. Since even then, there has always been somewhat of an unwritten "Code of the streets." This covers several things about "the game" as it is referred to from those who participate. First of all, "snitching" is NEVER allowed. "Snitching" is the act of basically "telling" on another person. Contrary to popular belief, this does not only mean telling gang information to cops. While that is the most common type, snitching refers to many other things as well. If you tell one gang about another gang tagging up your hood, you are a snitch. If you tell the cops about a gang committing a crime, you are a snitch. If you aren't bangin' your set on another person, and merely telling them about your gang, you are a snitch. If you are telling anyone about "the game" who isn't living it, you are a snitch. Almost always, a snitch is immediately killed or worse. Snitches can be gang members themselves, or random people who happen to "snitch."

Secondly, homosexuality is generally frowned upon on the streets. I do not know of a gang that openly embraces homosexuality or lets its members participate in it. While a gang member may tolerate homosexuals, it is not something generally allowed in a gang. The "crime" of homosexuality is generally punished by a brutal death and maybe even the end of those closest to you.

Finally, Respect is EVERYTHING. Respect is the most important thing on the streets. A sign, a look, a single word of disrespect can get you cut down immediately. Openly banging your set in someone else's turf is a sign of war. Selling your product in someone else's "varrio" is looking for trouble. Crossing out a gang tag or displaying contempt for a gang's colors could mean your death without so much as a word of warning.

Following this "unwritten" code could literally mean the difference between life and death. Follow it, and you may see your character live another day. Do something to break these rules and don't be surprised if you end up with a knife in your neck...

Miscellaneous Tips
Just because you are a gang member does not mean you cannot express fear. Gang members are taught to be fearless, and that can sometimes be confusing to a role-player because they think, "Well, I'm supposed to be a fearless gang member. Why should I express fear?" Find a different way to express fear. Use /me or /do to show your character being nervous, shaky, or jittery. If you are taken into enemy territory, express your fear through anger at whoever drove you there. Role-playing fear does not have to mean crying for mommy or pissing your pants
While apostrophes are useful to show how your character pronounces certain words, don't over-do it! Saying "What's goin' on?" is completely fine. Anyone reading that sentence will understand that by saying "goin' " you are cutting off the pronunciation of the "G," but they are still able to understand your sentence. However, some people get way too into it, saying ridiculous sentences such as "Wha' nig'? Da' fuc' i' ya' pro'le' hom'?" No one will ever understand what you are talking about, and you will begin to look foolish as a role-player.
The words "Chu'" and "Tu" are not acceptable substitutes for "You!!" I cannot explain how infuriating it is to see people using this. No one is real life has ever completely replaced a normal pronoun with this utter garbage. "El" is also not a replacement for "The," and for Asian gangs, "Yu" does not make the cut either.
While role-playing as the "roughest, toughest, most psychotic badass gangster" may seem like fun, you will look like a sub-par role-player as well as a daft individual if all your character ever talks about guns, killing, drugs, rape, getting laid by multiple women, or your 13 inch penis. Mix it up. Give your character likes, dislikes, quirks, and emotions, and your RP experience will undoubtedly improve.
Cops should constantly be a fear as your character finds him/herself involved in more illegal activities. It is EXTREMELY non-RP to ever kill or shoot at a cop unless the reward outweighs the risk you take. IRL, shooting a Law Enforcement Officer is one of easiest ways to end your life, because the only way that situation will play out is by you being killed, you being arrested, going into hiding for an extremely long time, or a mix of all three. Shooting at a Law Enforcement Officer IC should be thought of with those ramifications in mind.

Oh, look. The guide is over. Get the hell of this page, and go make a gang, BOI!
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