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[LAW] Traffic Codes

on Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:07 pm

Destruction of Government Property: Police Cruisers, Ambulances, Road Ways (Flat Tires), Firetrucks, Civil Service Vehicles)
Fine: $1000

Destruction of Property: (Lights, Fences, etc..)
Fine: $100

Reckless Driving:
Fine: $50

Fine: $100

Failure to Stop For an Emergency Vehicle:
Fine: $200

Driving With Nitrous:
Fine: $1000

Using Nitrous Oxide:
Fine: $2500

Using Hydraulics Whilst In Motion:
Fine: $1000

Using a Fake License:
Fine: $500

Driving Without a License:
Fine: $1000

Driving While Intoxicated:
Fine: $2000
Time: 2

Driving Under The Influence:
Fine: $3000
Time: 3

Driving A Stolen Vehicle:
Fine: $2500
Time: 2

Evasion of a police officer:
Fine: $1000
Time: 2

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