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Joining the Administration Team

on Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:47 pm
Let me start by saying that we don't deny your application because we have something against you. There are specific qualities we look for in an administrator.

Admin Applications: CLOSED

If you don't meet the following credentials please wait until you do to apply.

Fluent English (It means that you speak English) If English is your main language than you should be fine.
AT LEAST 4 weeks playing time.
No previous bans.
No problems with admins on the server.
RP Experience.

If you want to apply to join the team you are accepted you will become a helper for a 2 week trial period, and then you will become admin if we approve you. At which point you will be put through administrator training. If you come into our server just to ask for admin then leave if you don't get it please don't join at all. Here is the application format if you fit the bill for an ingame administrator.


Character Name:
Time Played on server:
How long have you been roleplaying?:
Why do you want to become an admin here?:
Were you recommended by an admin?:
If yes put there name here:

Other Administration Jobs:

Forum Moderator
Ingame Helper

Other Jobs:

Avatar Department (You create avatars for players that request them, police, Medical/Fire, Government, etc..)
Mapping Department (You will map for the server)

To apply for either of these send me a PM directly from the forums.

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