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Donation Perks

on Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:14 pm
Please note that all donations no matter what the value is are greatly appreciated. We all of the donations we receive are non-profit. They will either be deposited directly into the account that pays for the server, or they will be used for web hosting/domains. They may also be used to upgrade the slots on the server, or add features. We may eventually hire a team of professional scripters which will also allow the server to become extremely successful. The Inferno RP Staff greatly appreciate ALL donations, even if it’s only one dollar. What ever you can donate will help, and it will never just be over looked. All donators will get the donator tag in game, and they will also get a donator tag on the forum along with everything listed below. Once again thank you for playing at our server, and thank you to all donators, and future donators of Inferno RP. If there are any questions you can send me a PM, contact me on the forums, or e-mail me. Keep in mind that the status of the donation only counts for one month in case the server is down or there is a problem with the GSP. After a month the status of donation is gone, but the perks remain on the account.
$1 – 4

Donator Tag in Newbie

$5 – 10

$30,000 of less vehicle free
$50,000 or less house free.

$11 – 15

$60,000 or less vehicle free.
$90,000 or less home free.

$16 – 20

$80,000 or less vehicle free.
A home valued at less than $120,000 added anywhere within reason.

$21 – 29

$100,000 or less vehicle free
A house valued under $150,000 added anywhere within reason.

$30 Silver Package

Any Vehicle on the vehicles list.
A business scripted in worth under $50,000
A house anywhere valued under $250,000
Silver Donator Status

$50 Gold Package

$A house anywhere valued under $450,000
A Business of any type added at a reasonable location free.
Any vehicle added as a house car that will spawn at your home.
Additionally you may also have a motorcycle spawn there as well.
Gold Donator Status

$100 Platinum Package

Any Business added at any reasonable location.
Any 3 vehicles added as a house car that will spawn at your home.
Any House added in a reasonable location at or under $5,000,000
An additional $100,000 at the end of each week for a month. (This can be renewed by donating $10)
Platinum Donator Status
A Special Tag On The Forum.
My Unconditional Love.

Want to donate more and receive even better perks, PM me how much, and I'll send you the perk list.
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