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[LAWSUIT-TOSSED OUT] Francis v. State of California

on Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:19 pm

Case Name: Francis v. State of California
Court Date: 10/14/11

CASE THROWN OUT - 10/15/11


Name: Mist Francis
Attorney: Riggs Serrano
Info: Lawsuit filed in order to get all charges dropped from Mist Francis's (Prisoner LS-MF-101411) Criminal Record file on the grounds that the arresting officer (Andrew Meyer (Chief of Police)(Los Santos Police Department)) did not read him his Miranda rights. If that is denied and the Defendant ((State of California)(LSPD)(Andrew Meyer)) is found not guilty by the jury, they will also bring suit against the State of California to drop the charge of "Driving with Nitrous Oxide" and return the $1000 fine to him.

Suit 1: Request to drop all charges on the grounds of, no Miranda rights were read.
If Guilty: Mist Francis criminal record will be absolved. $1,500 will be paid to Mist Francis as well as damages decided by the jury.
If Not Guilty: No money will be awarded, and his criminal record will be left untouched.

Suit 2: If the defendant is found Not Guilty in the first suit, then Suit 2 will be filed. Request to absolve the charge of "Driving with Nitrous Oxide" from Mist Francis' record.
If Guilty: $1000 will be payed to Mist Francis as well as damages awarded by the jury.
If Not Guilty: Mist Francis will be awarded no money, and the case will be settled.


Name: Chief Andrew Meyer
Affiliation: State of California, Los Santos Police Department.
Attorney: Andrew Meyer will be representing himself.

Witnesses for the Defense: Darren Lee

Defenses Evidence:

Police Report: (Filed 10/13/11 LSPD)

I was riding in a standard LSPD Cruiser with the Deputy Chief (Darren_Lee), and we saw Mr. Francis speeding down the road in a black Stafford. We made a U-Turn and turned our sirens on and followed the suspect. He pulled over almost immediately and cut his engine. I approached the window and ushered him to roll down his window so I could speak to him. He rolled the window down, and I asked him If he knew why I pulled him over. He replied that he did not, and I told him he was speeding. He acknowledged that he understood that he may have been speeding, and seemed apologetic. I told him that I would let him off with a warning, but I needed to see his license and registration. He handed me a license that was not valid in the state of San Andreas, and may have been fake. I waved to my partner to come over to the vehicle, and asked Mr. Francis to please step out of the car. He hesitated, then quickly started his engine and took off. I ran back to the squad car with my partner and we pursued him. This is the point where we also noticed he was using nitrous oxide as a blue gas that we are trained to know what it looks like, was emitting from the back of his tailpipe. He did not respond to several warnings to pull over the vehicle and I tried the pit maneuver. This spun out both of our vehicles which caused our engines to fail. Mr. Francis exited the vehicle and took off on foot, but was aided by another unknown assailant who immediately opened fire with a sub machine gun on both myself and the Deputy Chief. They both took off in different directions, and the Deputy Chief went to the PD to get another cruiser while I chased Mr. Francis on foot. He did not stop when I yelled for him to do so, and I primed my tazer and fired. Mr. Francis was tazed on the ground and i promptly handcuffed him, and read him his Miranda rights. He noded that he understood his rights. Mr. Lee arrived with the car, and just as we were about to put Mr. Francis in the back seat we were confronted by the same assailant as before and were shot at by an AK-47. Mr. Lee and I returned fire killing the assailant. We brought Mr. Francis into custody and processed him.

Prosecutions Evidence: None filed as of 10/14/11

CASE THROWN OUT - 10/15/11

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