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[TEMPLATE] Arrest Report

on Thu May 17, 2012 1:37 pm

Los Santos Police Department
Criminal Database Entry Format and Instructions


This is ONLY to be edited by Command Staff and Warrant Division Supervisors.
(Any other people discovered changing any information here without permission will be punished.)

This document is designed to inform members of Law Enforcement of the current requirement to record imprisonment and jailing by the LSPD per request of the Governor's Office. It is intended and only to be used for the purpose of instruction.

When a member of the LSPD makes an arrest, it is now a requirement for Officers to create or update current information of incarcerated persons. The format below should be filled out to its most possible entirety for each prisoner. If a person has been arrested previously while still facing incarceration, the information should be updated or added in accordance to the situation. If a new arrest is made, make another post within the arrest's current topic with the new information. Each individual will have their own ID number for each department. If a previous number is used with the name, that is the ID you would use for the new post. For LSPD ID#s, search their department records for the number. If they do not have one, leave it blank.

Regarding IDs
ID's made for arrestees by other Law Enforcement Agencies are to remain the same on Arrest Records, if these ID's change, use the most recent one. LSPD ID's should maintain the following format:

LS - [Month (2-Digit)] - [Day (2-Digit)] - [Order arrested]

Example, if Johnas Abdoul was arrested on the 15th of May and was the 27th person the department has arrested that day, his arrest record ID would be: LS-05-15-27

For prison ID's a similar format is used, but it includes dashes where those ID's are made. HOWEVER, A new ID can be created ONLY IF other departments do not have a prison ID for him already. If they do, you should use that one.

TOPIC NAME: [Badge # - Suspects Name]


Suspects Name:

Known Aliase/s:

(Prisoner) S.A.P.D ID#:

Prison ID#:

Known Crime/s:

Known Gang/s:

Known Location/s:

Known Appearance Features:


This document is in effect as of the date at the bottom of this document. It is valid unless replaced with another document with a more current date.

(Updated as of 5/17/2012 3:41AM EST)
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