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Rules Of Engagement

on Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:56 pm

Rules Of Engagement

1) Factions/Families are allowed to raid another Faction/Family ONCE in a 12 hour period of time.

Raids do not require Admin Approval. However, if your gang is caught raiding more than once in a 12 hour period of time, you will receive a strike or possibly be disbanded. You need an RP reason to attack. These include being disrespected, stolen from, attacked in a 1/2/3/4 on 1 confrontation by a rival gang member, and anything that is a realistic reason. You can't attack another gang simply because you want to. Raids must be conducted when there are a reasonable amount of people from that faction/family online.

During a raid, you are only allowed to use the following weapons.

No weapons that cannot be created with (/creategun)
No Spas
One Sniper, Must be RPly on a roof top.

All of your actions must still be RP-ed. It is forbidden to just roll up and Blast. You are allowed to drive to the location of the raid, but Drive-byes will are forbidden.

You may only have one Alliance faction.

2) Factions/Families are allowed to organize (OOC/IC) a "Gang War".

Raids meant to be surprising, and many people complain and moan about how "Unfair" it is. However, the agreement must be made either OOC or IC and it must be established that it is a "Gang War." This means you agree to meet a certain location and shoot at each other with No moaning or bitching about the results. It must ONLY be setup by the Leaders, anyone else it will be considered DM.

You may pick an area Inside/outside of Los Santos to do battle. Nothing is worst then being caught between two rival gangs, so please Shout IC and OOCly for all not involve to leave. Also, both leaders must RPly call 911 to give them the location of the battle, because no gang war goes unnoticed.

You may battle in anywhere you please but allow the citizens to evacuate the area prior.
You may not battle in any safe zones.

3) You may only have an Alliance with one other faction/family (Does not apply to LSPD, FBI, NG)

This is only for official Factions, each official may have a alliance with one unofficial and one official Faction.

4) Factions are NOT ALLOWED to lay claim to any territory outside of their HQ/Hoods

Take what you have and be happy with it.

5) You are allowed to rob any location aside from the bank/city hall without admin approval.

6) Accept your losses and move on.

Don't bitch IC or OOC. This is a game. GET OVER IT.

Consequences/Punishments for breaking rules

First Offense: fstrike and warning
Second Offense: fstrike and 60 mins admin jail per member caught breaking the rules
Third Offense: Your faction is deleted.

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