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on Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:57 pm
In Character Information (IC)

Name: Andrew_Meyer

Age: 37

Past Positions In Law Enforcement: None

Experience: I currently haven't worked at any other government or law enforcement positions in Los Santos.

Do you have any recommendations?: Yes, Darren_Lee

Why are you right for the SAPD?: Because I feel that my sense of justice is greater than that or a regular citizen, and I want to make my daily business working for the Los Santos Police Department preserving the peace, and ideals of the people of Los Santos.

How is your English on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best): 10

Out Of Character Information (OOC)

Level: 6
How Long Have You Been RPing?: 3 years.
How Long Have You Played Our Server?: Since opening day.
Have You Been Law Enforcement On Another Server?: Yes.
Which One?: Redgies Roleplay, Mike and Drews RP, LS-RP.

In Character Story: (Please make this at least 500 words document not double spaced. This will help us to determine if you are proficient with the English language, and are at a level of reading/typing that will allow you to perform adequately as a member of the LSPD.)

I'll start my story by saying that I've lived a life that could be considered a snapshot of that of the 'Average American Family'. I didn't grow up in a broken home, or live a sheltered life. I went out with friends and family, and I enjoyed sports, school, and extra-curricular activities. While some people say that kids should have big dreams like becoming a firefighter, a police officer, or an astronaut; We all know that this isn't realistic, and is just a little boys fantasy. I grew up with a mentality that I was different from other kids, I wanted to be viewed as a genius or a prodigy, I knew that wanting to become an astronaut or a famous movie star was just Disney Channel bullshit. I went through school holding myself to a higher standard than other kids, with an undeserved sense of accomplishment. I felt that I was better, smarter, and overall a better person than most people. I lost a lot of my friends due to my cocky attitude, and the way that I seemed to look down on everyone in my life. As things started to spiral into a deeper form of depression I stopped hanging out with friends. I become a social reject and mostly kept to myself. I tried to keep myself busy with personal projects and extracurricular work, but life without that feeling of friendship and accomplishment is almost not worth living. After a longtime I stopped caring about my looks, my health, and my overall cleanliness. One day I walked down a crowded road in the city of Albany where I had lived most of my life. At this point I was 18, and had just graduated high school. Dirty hair, old rain coat, and black circles under my eyes, it would have appeared that I hadn't slept in weeks. I happened to witness what I thought was a drug deal, but I heard the voice of a woman who sounded much too innocent. I slowed my pace, and turned my head down the alleyway in order to get a better view. The woman was dressed in a white suit, and appeared to be extremely frightened. I could tell that the man who was standing over here was either extremely dumb, or extremely intoxicated. Judging by his slurred speech I figured a little of both. I waiting a second longer, and was able to make out some of the things he was saying when he accidentally raised his voice, "Hey you... dumb... slut... bitch... lawyer lady! I want to take you purse so drop it!" After hearing that I was sure that this big oaf was attempting to mug the lady, but I felt that I still had to do something. I walked up behind the bastard and told him to just leave before he hurts himself. He obviously wasn't too happy about my nonchalant attitude, and tried to take a drunken swing at me, but ended up stumbling into a dumpster. I walked over the lady and asked if she was okay. She said she was fine, but that the man said he was going to kill her. I told her not to worry and that he was just some drunk bum, and to just follow me and walk out of the alley. Suddenly right after we tried walking past him, he quickly rose to his feet and drew a makeshift shiv which appeared to be some sort of idiotic attempt at a dagger. From what I could see the guy ripped the blade off the bottom of a lawnmower. Nonetheless my carefree attitude turned to fear once I saw the possibility of losing my life or being seriously injured. Something came over me, and I stood in front of the woman, and attempted to make myself look tough. The man attempted to charge at us, but left himself easily open to attacks due to his drunken stupor. I punched the man in his stomach, and he fell easily due to all the alcohol he was violently vomiting onto the pavement. I quickly grabbed the woman's hand and ran out of the alleyway. We ran to the nearest convenience store and ended up chatting for about an hour. She couldn't stop telling me how brave I was, but as flattered as I was that a beautiful woman was complementing my bravado, deep down I knew I really only did It because I didn't care if I had died and had nothing to live for. After we talked and she walked home by herself I never saw her again, but something about talking with her made me remember what It was like when I had my friends, and still had fun just being a kid. I decided that I would go to college and start over, and try to forget all of the self loathing that I had endured over the past 3 years. College turned out great and I couldn't have had a care in the world. I got out with a degree in criminal justice and a minor in forensic science. I hadn't planned on applying to become an officer, but I had also had an interest in studying the minds of criminals and the data and strategies behind capturing them. After a long period of moving all over the country I had a hard time of keeping a job. Finally I found a permanent opening in the Los Santos Police Department, and decided to apply. I believe that this decision was influenced because of that experience I had had back when I was 18. I guess I had longed for acceptance, and approval of my actions. When that woman complemented me on my bravery I really felt good about myself and about putting myself back out there and turning my life around. I decided that a job where I would everyday be putting my life on the line, and feeling that my job served a purpose other than just keeping bread on the table, and getting to the next paycheck would be the type of positive motivation I needed in my life.

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<3 love you drew

on Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:39 am
This is what I would love to see from any new recruits.... It might actually make me happy Surprised

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