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Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Bureau of Investigation
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[F.B.I] Application Process

on Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:33 pm
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Application Process


-At least level 2 in-game. We want players who have been around and know their way around the server in and out.
-Have been at least an Officer in the LSPD and not have been fired but either still in the PD or resigned out of own will.
-You have to have the LSPD Chief, Deputy Chief, and the Governor's recommendation on your Application.
-You have to abide all server rules and cannot be known as a rulebreaker or NonRPer.
-You have to not have been EVER affiliated with gangs or any form of criminal activity.
-You have to be very mature and not a complete idiot. Not even 1 little bit of Metagame will take place in this faction.

-First, make sure you read all the requirements and fit every single one of them.
-Post an application with the application format found on our section.
-Await patiently until it is accepted and maintain a good image as you do so.

What to Expect if Accepted:
-We will reach out to you, take you to a external training ground.
-You will train every single day at the training ground for the next week.
-Trainings will include Lag shooting, Car ramming, Advanced gun usage, Advanced fight combat.
-Trainings will also include a emotional/social side where we teach you how to talk your way out and into situations.
-If you mess up during the training or do something we dislike, we tell you to go home and you can reapply for the F.B.I in two weeks.
-If you complete the training, you are officially part of the F.B.I and can start operating as one.
-You will then begin missions, programs, etc. and will be introduced to the HQ and our vehicles.
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