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Lawsuit Grotti VS FBI

on Fri Aug 24, 2012 12:05 pm
To whom this may concern,

I am lodging a formal complain and class action suit against the FBI for my suffering in a mix up the Officer would not understand. At 1:50 EST I was pulled over by an FBI agent claiming a BOLO on my Cheetah vehicle which was borrowed by my cousins Ronny who was visiting from out of town. I am very disappointed in our law enforcement and demand compensation for their very shameful mix up.

I pulled over my vehicle with full cooperation and was treated like an animal, arrested and talked to like a joke. I am furious.

I demand full removal of all charges on my name, and since i was driving with these modifications Ronny made to my vehicle, i will eat the fees or whatever i deserve for driving with these modifications while trying to get rid of them. I was on the way to my body shop to get them removed as i was pulled over. I have spoken to Ronny, while i do not know where he is i have expressed my explicit anger towards him.

The officer refused to let me get a lawyer upon my arrest and laughed at me. I demand to be heard by a judge immediately.

As for my unlawful prison time, I demand $100,000 to be donated to the needy for my time in prison, I do not need the money. I am suing for this amount because of the suffering my family had to be put through with my time in prison, again unlawfully. Not only they suffered, but i did as well. Those 4 walled rooms caused my claustrophobia which was not apparent before that experience.

I also demand the officer who arrested me be punished, and suspended for his mistake.

Yours truly,

Michael Grotti
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Bureau of Investigation
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Re: Lawsuit Grotti VS FBI

on Fri Aug 24, 2012 12:50 pm

Lawsuit Grotti Vs. F.BI.


Dear Michael Grotti,

Although you may be furious and have a lot of complaints, your word is not backed by evidence. We, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, need to maintain Los Santos and it's safety. I will attach an image of you with your vehicle. You cannot put the blame on your cousin, uncle, or whoever this Ronny character is. You have to take responsibility for your actions. If you'd like, provide us the first full and last name of this Ronny and we'll interrogate him about the case. Until then, please do not bring up random civilians and involve them in a trial where they do not belong.

At last, it is safe to say that your claim is ended due to the fact that you broke the law, your vehicle was modified and it doesn't matter by who, but it was your vehicle. It was left that way for a few days since you were being chased by the Police on 8/22/2012, 8/23/2012, and 8/24/2012. Our CCTV footage from the cruisers which were not blown to pieces still remains with your license plates, "2FST 4U" getting away. Now that you've been caught, you want to lie and tell the world you don't know what happened and that it's not your fault. I understand that, but you are a criminal, Michael Grotti. The jail sentence will remain, so will the charge on your record.

I call out to the Governor to approve on this due to the fact that he has heard us on the Department Radio when we were pursuing Michael Grotti.

Also, I call out to the Chief of LSPD to ask his men because they were the ones who ordered the BOLO and they were the ones chasing Michael Grotti.

Time for evading is over Grotti, now is the time for the consequence for your actions. Thank you.

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