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[LAWSUIT] Grotti vs. State of San Andreas

on Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:11 pm

Suit Information:

My client, Michael J. Grotti, is suing for personal damages faced due to the unlawful imprisonment and processing he experienced during his recent visit with the Los Santos Police Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Los Santos branch.

My clients claims are that during his processing, and eventual imprisonment, he was treated unfairly, unjustly, and his basic rights were infringed upon. However you look at this case, I can assure you that Mr. Grotti was not treated as a respected citizen of this city, let alone treated with the mentality of innocent until proven guilty.

My client has requested that $100,000 be paid to his case if the suit is settled or if he wins the case. However because my client is a known philanthropist, he requests that the $100,000 be donated to charity in his honor. His main concern is getting this unlawful charge removed from his record.

Let it also be shown that the fees he is willing to pay to his attorneys and legal council for a losing case, are double what he wants to donate if he wins the case. With this being said, it should be shown that my client has the purest of intentions pertaining to this trial, and just wishes to remove this foolish, disgraceful, and above all - false, charge from his record.

Statement from Plaintiff Michael J. Grotti

So I paid for my cousin Ronnie to be flown in from Canada where he grew up. I hadn't seen the guy since I was a kid, but I was looking to have a nice family reunion with him, and find out if he needed any financial help. Shortly after he landed we shared a short parlay of words, and as it turned out, he was the same guy I knew as a kid. Childish, goofy, and one hell of a funny dude. After our night of fun and peaceful dinner on August 23rd, 2012; Ronnie began telling me about the troubles he was facing in Quebec. The money he had sunk into a failing business, the bank loans that were turned down, and the money he was unable to pay back to the loan sharks he unwisely went seeking financing from. As a man with a large financial empire, and no reason to keep it all for myself I helped the guy out. I told him "Ronnie, you're a Grotti man, and Grotti men don't live like that!" I then gave him $50,000 and told him to head into the city and live it up. Unfortunately I also lent him the keys to my cheetah. When he returned later that day and decided to take a dip in my indoor pool, I went to the bank to file the financial banking statements about the 50 grand I had just given to my cousin. Since all my other vehicle were in the shops for tuning I had to take the Cheetah. Shortly after driving there I discovered that my cousin had added several illegal modifications with the money I had given him, and according the the Federal Bureau of Investigation, had gotten a BOLO out on my car for a traffic violation he had committed. I was taken down to the police department where I requested to speak to a lawyer, and tried to explain my situation. However I was treated like an animal... and my basic rights were infringed upon. I wasn't allowed to speak to my lawyer or plead my case, and was never brought to the interrogation room so I could explain my case. This is why I wish to sue in order to clear my name of these outrageous charges.

Copy of the Air Canada plane ticket of Ronald Grotti:

Closing Statement

We the prosecution rest our case, and are ready to move on to the settlement and collective bargaining portion of this case.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Bureau of Investigation
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Re: [LAWSUIT] Grotti vs. State of San Andreas

on Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:46 pm

Lawsuit Grotti Vs. State of San Andreas


Dear Grotti and Lawyer,

I have many reasons to believe, on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, that Michael Grotti modded the vehicle himself because..
For one, Michael Grotti has been evading the Police for the past few weeks ((days)) in his Gray Cheetah with a Black Spoiler and Nitrous. My CCTV has an image taken from few days ago with the Nitrous still on the vehicle. If your so called, "cousin" put it there, why would you drive around with it and not get rid of it immediately? You had it there for over two days. Here is the photo from the CCTV on my FBI Rancher.

Other than the CCTV photograph, ask any Officers from the L.S.P.D. They all saw the Cheetah in it's state as see on the CCTV prior to this. If it was your cousin, why would you keep it that way? Oh, did I mention? He wasn't driving it.

Now to my next point. Michael Grotti has been evading for the past few days, and so he deserves the jail sentence. Showing us plane tickets is irrelevant and please keep the evidence so it pertains to Michael Grotti and how he's been breaking the law and getting away with it.

This is the end of your crime in this city and driving carelessly. This is time for the law.

And another thing, I do not approve of Andrew Meyer being your lawyer as he cannot be biased in this case. He, being the Chief of the LSPD, and the ones pursuing you and putting the BOLO out on Michael Grotti are commanded by him. Therefore, please either defend yourself in this case or find a different lawyer who isn't involved.

Thank you, -Mr. C.

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Re: [LAWSUIT] Grotti vs. State of San Andreas

on Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:12 pm
This lawsuit is in the wrong section. Move it to the lawsuits section please.
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Re: [LAWSUIT] Grotti vs. State of San Andreas

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