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Application for Frank_Tagliano

on Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:34 am



Full Name: Frank_Tagliano

Age: 24

Phone #: 69501662

Why do you want to join The Grotti Family? (Minimum of 150 words) I want to join The Grotti Family because I

want to join a different family than the others. The Grotti Family is a strich family with rules and that's good because a

lot of families just invite people when they join for the first time just to get more people in it. All the rules makes that i

can trust every people in this family and makes it harder for the police ot other families to find us. I am a lojal person

That The Grotti Family can trust and ask for help whenever its needed. I am a trustful helicopter driver and a good car

driver. I want a family I can trust and know that they will not kill me when I appear at the family house and will not

steal my car when I leave it in the HQ. These are some reasons becasue I want to join The Grotti Family and also the

family helicopter is one reason but its only a plus if I can join this family.

Life Story: (From birth, to now. Minimum of 300 words and VERY VERY DETAILED AND PROFESSIONAL!) I was

born in Italy in 1988 by my mom. We lived in Firenze in a small house with ocean view. When I was 2 my father, my

brother and I moved to Los Santos because my father got a job as a Trucker. Later my mom moved to us because she got

a job at the clucking bell. At the age of 3 I said my first word and when I was 5 I learned to writhe. When I was 7 I

started in first grade in school and got some friends. The was like a time machine for me because the schoolyears was

over in like some days. I got good grades and got a job at the sweeper buisnees. I cleaned the streets for dirt the 2 years

as a sweeper. Later I got a job as a trucker. In the trucker buisnees i met many people and learned the ways to a lot of

streets. The trucker job was a hard job. I crashed many times and got into hospital sometimes. I had a small amount of

money and then I desided to quit as a trucker. Then I started as a mechanic and repaired cars. After some mounths I

bought a house and a car. I have never been soo happy. Finally I could move from my parents to my own house and drive

my own car. Before I stole others cars to drive to places. No I'm a arms dealer and make weapons from materials I buy.

Soon can I make ranged guns, but yet only meele weapons. I have a brother which is Vinny_Brantano and he live at mine

place in Dillimore. We have a strong relationship so we keep together and help each others. I like now to drive around in

a car, and sometimes I also flew in a helicopter just for fun.

Do you see yourself as a leadership role or a follower role? And why?: I see myself as a leadership role, because

I have experience to say what people shall do and help other who need help.

Some Logic Questions:

You are running a task for the Don, He has told you to go gather some Intel on the other Italian Families,

and to also set a meeting for the other Bosses to talk with your Don. How do you proceed?

I start with locating the other italian family HQ's and make an appointment with them. Then ill call the Don in my

family and tell

You're on your way home to go eat dinner with your wife and kids as a rival family slams into your car

and snags you to bring to their HQ. They tell you some information about how they are going to attack our gang and want

your help. They also tell you after they are finished with this "information" they give you; that you will be greatly

rewarded, with a possible seat of power. What do you say to them, and how do you proceed after leaving their HQ?

I say to them that im lojal to my gang and I start with driving out of their HQ. Then ill call someone in my gang that im

in to help me escape from them if them follow me. Aften I have escape ill call our don about the attack at our family

You and a few of your buddies are out having a drink as a few police officers walk into the bar you so

happen to be drinking at. These cops approach you, and ask you about your affiliation with the Grotti Family and a few of

the "false claims" against our family. What do you say and/or do?

I say that I dont know about the Grotti Family buisnees and that we are not in it. We talk polite to the officers and

drink some drinks and then leave for going home.
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on Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:35 am
Ill wait for a reply Grotti Razz
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New phone number

on Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:27 am
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Re: Application for Frank_Tagliano

on Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:35 am

((Im sorry for the late review, but i was out of town for short while. On your response about the getting a meeting for the bosses, if you read our rules you can see we do not want you to directly contact the bosses for meetings, have a third person set the meeting up.))

((Otherwise welcome to the family, and i am guessing your phone number is the number you listed?? Tell me a good time to contact you ingame.))
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Re: Application for Frank_Tagliano

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