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[GUIDE] PG and MG explained

on Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:18 pm
Hey guys.
So every now and again I see people either whining about a certain player either MGing or PGing or I witness it.

So anyway I will go over it now.

MG: Metagaming: Using OOC info ICly.
This is determined by either calling someone by they're nameplate when you don't know them ICly such as.
You are a newplayer. You see an old player. You go Hi First_Last, nice to meet you. This is extremely irratating because alot of new samp players do this quite often. This can result in an ajail or a warn.

PG: Powergaming: Forcing an RP decision on a player.
This is what Inferno Roleplay really hates. Now this is done without any /do s/f or spam of a command.
You must also AND PLEASE DO SO. Specify what you are using. If you tie up with rope you CANNOT say later they are tow cables or something. It is highly annoying and VERY NONRP.

I hope you enjoyed my guide.
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