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Server will be back up and running tonight!

on Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:25 pm
We have all mutually agreed to re-continue Inferno RP! With the help of Yuko, we have managed to increase our population very rapidly even witht eh server being Offline. When you guys see him, I would like you to thank him and welcome him to our wonderful server. Without him and the commitment shown by him none of this would have happened.

To make it fair to all new players the following things will be reset

- All Families that lacked RP requirements, effort into their application, or flat out inactive.
- Businesses that are inactive
- Unrealistic Housing
- And any other things we deem that would put a existing player in an Advantage.

New Staff Members:

-Yuko_Inagawa ( Owner/Mapper )
-Atsuo_Inagawa ( Lead Administrator )


As we are developing our community, we should act like one. Helping people learn to respect others, showing patience and a kind heart. Well, why only apply that to a game? We are now taking Inferno RP and creating a better environment not only for our RP reasons, but to get people to understand its just a game. As I said before, a big change is coming, and that change is our contribution to the Make-A-Wish foundation. For each donation we receive, we will donate an amount to this foundation. Some of you might not know what it is, I will link it here for you because, my words will not be enough motivation.

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