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on Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:40 pm
In Character Information (IC)

Name: Kin_Lee
Age: 21
Past Positions In Law Enforcement: None
Experience: None
Do you have any recommendations?: No
Why are you right for the SAPD?: I'm athletic and also a good driver. With these skills, I will be able to keep up with the criminals but also arrest them with the help of fellow officers if accepted into the SAPD
How is your English on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best): About a 8

Out Of Character Information (OOC)

Level: 1 (Just joined)
How Long Have You Been RPing?: About 2-3 months
How Long Have You Played Our Server?: 0 (Just joined)
Have You Been Law Enforcement On Another Server?: Yes I have. I have been a officer, FBI agent, and also a Chief
Which One?: RK-RP (Chief), Gamespawn RP (This is both officer and FBI agent)

Story: (Please make this at least 1000 words not double spaced. This will help us to determine if you are proficient with the English language, and are at a level of reading/typing that will allow you to perform adequately as a member of the LSPD.)

I was borned in Tokyo, Japan during the period of great crime and death. The police department currently in place were corrupt and quickly losing numbers. With all the fighting and corruption in the city, the military was sent in to reduce the crime and corruption in the city. It turns out that the general leading the army is corrupt so you can image what came after the time when the innocent civilians found out. My parents wanting nothing of this for their only child, found a American politician that agreed to allow me to travel with him and also give me full citizenship to travel to the United States. With the protection of the politician, I was able to travel to a city of San Andreas. I lived with the politician receiving a private education. While receiving a private education, at around 14, I sadly received word from my family that stayed in Japan that my mother have died because of a gun shot wound in the chest because she refused to pay to a gangs "Protection Money" . After I have turned 18 years old and much grief, I decided to go to Wideside University to study criminal justice. After receiving a degree in criminal justice, I decided to head back to San Andreas to look for a job in this type of degree. Now being 21 years old now, I began noticing that crime was increasing at a quick rate with drugs and illegal weapons reaching the streets quickly, sadly this is the time when the politician died defending a female from being raped. Having seen him being killed in front of me, I was done with crime. Crime has destroyed my life as a child and now my adult life. I have decided that these criminals needs to be brought to justice and face their crimes like real man do, everyday I would see chases going across the city with the criminals having no regard for public safety with the police officers right behind the suspect following as much laws as they can without endangering public safety and themselves but also staying close to the suspect . I would hear gun shots in my living room and see robberies happening in front of me while just driving past a store. These criminals have taken advantage of the low amount of police officers in the city and they need help, I been reporting crimes and attempt to help providing as much detailed as possible to bring these criminals to justice but reporting is not what the Police Department needs but it is men itself. Men that are able to grab the bulls horns and put the bull down with the help of other officers. Men that can benefit the Police Department either it is undercover work, leading, or even doing desk work. Men that can help clean up the streets and keep it clean. All of these came through my mind after ever report that I made to try and help the Police Department to catch the criminals and bring them to justice. After much thought, I decided to write this application for the SAPD to hopefully join their ranks of SA finest and put a end to crime after all that has happened throughout my life. I need to show my mother and the politician that has protected me throughout my life that their efforts to protect me was not in vain. With the degree that I have earned from Wideside University, I already know most of the laws of the state. I hope that I can became a SAPD officer so I can serve and protect the people of San Andreas.

Thank you for reading this application. Even if I get declined, do me a favor. Kick those criminal, excuse my language, asses. Have a nice day and most importantly stay safe out there.

((Hopefully that is 1000 words but unlikely, I will add more if you want me too)

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Kin_Lee

on Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:26 am

Kin_Lee, Congratulations. You have been accepted to join the Los Santos Police Department.

By submitting this applications you are stating that you are willing to protect and server those of Los Santos by upholding all laws and standards of the State of San Andreas, and the codes and regulations of the LSPD. If you choose to follow through on your commitment to this job you will progress through the ladder that is the LSPD hierarchy. You will begin your training as a cadet. Since you have been accepted you are required to be familiar with all the laws and codes detailed here.

Welcome to the Los Santos Police Department
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