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Server Rules

on Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:59 pm
1.) Allways have fun!

When you are on this server we expect you to have fun! Remember this is a game and your supposed to enjoy yourself.

2.) Server language

This server is an English speaking server only when it comes to in character actions.

- You may use another language in /b, /pm, and /f only.

3.) Do not hack or exploit bugs

Do not use any cheats, hacks, exploit, or exploit bugs. This will result in a (perma) ban.

4.) Allways roleplay

Rolplay appropriate at all times. You cant interrupt any roleplay situation and take it to /b and debate. Only admins and admins alone can stop roleplay. If you are not satisfied with the rolplay you could consider reporting that player.

- Save chatlogs and/ or screenshots and include them in your report.
- Inform the other player you are reporting him
- Use /re and or /report if you need an administrator should step in during the roleplay.

You can call in admin help if someone makes you feel extremely uncomfortable during a roleplay situation.

You need an OOC agreement for any form of sexual roleplay in this game including rape. You have to remember young people play this game and we dont want to expose them to anything unwanted.

- Admin jail is a NON RP zone.

- You allways need to react to a /do. Any failures according to that need to be supported with a reason.

- When on low health (10 HP) you need to crack down. Its non-rp to continue running etc. Allways RP your injuries.

- You are not allowed to heal up or get armor during fights.

5.) Do not meta game (MG)

Metagaming is using out of character (OOC) information in character(IC). Informing someone OOCly of something IC is also considered metagaming.

Some examples of Metagaming:

- When a players reads a nametag and roleplays that he knows him before actually meeting him/ her before.
- Information broadcasted on streams that your are watching cannot used ICly.
- Information gained through PM cannot be used ICly.

6.) Powergaming (PG)

- Powergaming roleplaying certain actions that arent humanly possible.
- The other is forcing roleplay on to someone else not giving them a proper chance in the roleplay.

7.) Do not death match (DM) or revenge kill (RK)

- DM When you kill another person without a sufficient roleplay reason to do so. You must declare actions for any and all kills you might attempt.

- RK When you kill a person who had just got done killing you. Killing or even attempting to kill the person is labeled as revenge killing. Your memory is wiped of everything that lead up to your death.

8.) Bunnyhopping

Constantly jumping to get somewhere faster is against the rules and is considered to be non-rp.

9.) Driving rules

Drive realisiticly like you would in real life. That includes rolplaying accidents.

Don’t stand on top of regular cars while they are driven. Its considered non-rp. There are some exceptions to this rule. Basicly you can put people in trunks and sit in the loading parts of jeeps and such. Putting people of trunks of sportscars is considered non-rp since in real life it wont fit.

10.) Car jacking

Do not jack cars with a driver inside without any role-play. Just pressing F and pull some out of the car is considered non-rp carjacking and its against the rules.

- /me “pulls the door open and drags the man out of his car.”
- /me “runs towards the man and pushes him off his bike.”

All this can be followed by a /do “Do I succeed?”

11.) Always roleplay serious accidents

If you have a serious accident you need to RP it properly. It's up to the two players involved in a crash how they want to handle the crash when it happens.

What is a serious accident? All accidents that will give you injuries in real life.

12.) Do not ram other vehicles in a non-rp way

It's unrealistic if you just start ramming a car for no reason. In some occasions its allowed to ram another vehicle.

- Chasing a suspect as a cop and you want to ram him off the road
- Chasing a rival gang member and you want to ram him off the road.
- Chasing down a mugger/ robber and trying to get your money/ items back

13.) Do not abuse bikes

Keep things realistic. Do not abuse the abilities of certain vehicles. Its considered non-rp.

14.) Always RP taking out and using weapons,

You have to RP pulling out any and all weapons no matter what the situation is. This rule applies to passenger side driveby’s as well. Larger weapons cannot be hidden in the pocket or the waistline so you have to RP taking them out from the trunk, car, or house.

Large weapons are considered:

- Rifle
- Shotguns
- MP5
- AK47
- M4
- Baseball Bat
- Sniper Rifle
- Katana
- Cane etc.

When your weapon is out if you plan to use it, you have to declare you're ready to shoot. You cannot just pull out a weapon, talk, then blast people away.

Examples of weapon roleplay:

- /me opens the trunk of his car and takes out a shotgun.
- /me puts a few rounds into the shotgun
- /me aims at the man and is ready to fire
- /me his jacket
- /do You’ll see a holstered gun underneath
- /me unholsters the gun and flicks the safety off

Make sure you allways use a /me action and take your gun out appropriately then the /ready command.

Your bag, /takegun command, does not count as sufficient rolplay for a weapon.

15.) Robbing and scamming rules

Its not allowed to rob more then 750 dollar from a person per robbery attempt. If you want to scam people for a larger ammount you need admin approval. If you got scammed, your allowed to attempt to get your money back.

Your are allowed to rob players when they reach level 3. Scamming people is allowed from level 8 and up.

16.) Baiting

You need a legit roleplay reason to get into chases with government agencies. Its also not allowed to bait other players. Its considered non-rp and can be punished of reported.

17.) Respect no crime zones:

You can't commit acts of crime in highly populated areas or areas that would realistically be watched over by law inforcement agencies.

These restriction mostly apply towards robberies, scamming, shooting and killing people.

These areas mostly consist of new players getting adjusted to the server so it would be unfair to take advantage of them there.

Examples of a no crime zone:

- AA-/ Pershing Square
- City Hall
- Police Department
- Los Santos Airport
- Vehicle Dealerships

Also crowding around in certain areas is not allowed. It lags the server.


- An admin can declare a no crime zone for events like races/ weddings and funerals etc.

18.) How to speak in the chat

Do not use acronyms or abbreviations such as OMG, LOL, and or smilies in character. You are allowed to use acronyms and abbreviations in text messages.

IC Chat:

Its fine to be rude and such in character with roleplay reasons.

OOC Chat:

- its not approved to insult people out of character. Play by the rule who gives respect, gets respect.

- If you threaten the server or players OOCly you will get permabanned.

- In roleplay you are allowed to ignore OOC chat.

- Racism is NOT allowed in OOC chat.

- Harrasement is forbidden in OOC chat.

Do not spam the chat:

Its not allowed to spam on any of the chats. This includes spamming commands and using caps.

19.) Rules applying towards drive-by’s

The driver of the vehicle that’s used in a drive-by is not allowed to shoot himself.

AS for the passengers that are shooting they must roleplay their weapons properly in such a way that the players they attack can hear it.

Examples of drive-by roleplay:

- /me leans out of the window with an uzi.
- /me loads the uzi with a clip and aims.

If you fail to follow these rules its considered DM.

20.) Do not go afk for a long period of time

- Its not allowed to be away from keyboard for longer then 15 minutes/ 900 seconds.
- Dont go AFK in public. This will result in a kick.

21.) Do not abuse or spam the /report and /re functions

One report is enough. Admins are busy people and are here to help. They will help you as soon as possible.

22.) Do not violate rules.

Is someone breaks a rule you report them. Don’t take matters into your own hands. Stay clean and professional.

23.) Don’t avoid death bills/ arrests or death

Do not log out to avoid being killed or arrested. Its considered non-rp.

24.) Advertising

- The advertisement system in-game is made for people to sell and or spread word on their items, property, and or events. Illegal advertisements are not a allowed. If you want to sell illegal items, do not directly name them in your advertisement.

- Its not allowed to advertise about any products or other servers.

25.) Radio is IC only. /F Is OOC

You are not allowed to speak OOC on a radio without adding (( *text* )) since the radio is considered in character only.

Its allowed to speak out of character in factions chat, /F.

26.) Character names

The following names are forbidden:

- Celebrity names
- Unrealistic names
- Gag names

27.) No profiting IC off of OOC and vise versa

You are not allowed to profit OOC for IC elements nor are you allowed to profit IC for OOC elements.


- Buying a subscription in an attempt to gain cash for one of your characters ingame.
- Selling ingame cash/ vehicles/ houses/ businesses for real life money.

28.) Accept your loss

If you die at the hands of someone who roleplayed correctly, and did everything according to the rules, then don’t bother reporting them.

29.) Law Enforcement Organisations

No LEO factions other then LSPD, FBI and NG are allowed on this server.

30.) Character Kill and Faction Kill

- CK's and FK's of faction leaders need admin approval. The admin responsible for the hitman factions can approve these CK or FK requests.

- Only hitman can preform CK's or FK's.

31.) Account sharing

Its illegal to share your account details with another person. Your account is personal and for you only.

If you are caught sharing accounts you will be banned.

32.) Ammount of characters

Players are allowed two characters for roleplay. Mixing will result in consequences. It should be used fairly and according to the rules.

33.) Admins.

- Never question a admin decision in PM. If you disagree with the admin desicion made feel free to report the matter on the forums.
- /re or /report is not a tool to chat with admins. Dont use it like that.
- Dont use chat or PM to ask and admin for skin changes. Use the appropaite stores for that unless you are part of an official faction.

34.) Ban evading.

- Ban evading can result in a perma-ban.

35.) Punishment

For breaking these rules you can be either:

- kicked
- ajailed
- banned
- perma-banned.

36.) Final word.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read these rules. I want to encourage you to teach new players these rules and guide them to the forums. Sometimes this is better then reporting them. We all need to learn and we all make mistakes. And admin will give his or her fair judgement on reports and will enfore these rules.

Best regards,

The Inferno RP admin team.
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