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Public Office Applications

on Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:45 pm

This is the section of information pertaining to running for a public office. If you do indeed wish to run for a position in state and city government, make sure you completely fill out all the information below and have a strong campaign platform to run on. Additionally, be prepared to do work if elected and propose legislature as promised to the people who elected you.

Governor of San Andreas

Job Title: Governor

. Propose legislature to meet public needs and economic responsibilities of the state.
. Collect both Business, Personal, and Income Taxes for the State.
. Regulate pensions for public offices. (Ex. Police, Medical, Fire)
. Police Programs, government run programs.
. Federal Aide, Public Employees.

Mayor of Los Santos

Job Title: Mayor

. Propose City Legislature
. Co-Author bills with the governor.
. Hire City Employees
. Financial Aide to City Workers.

Representative of San Andreas

Job Title: Senator

. Propose Legislature.
. Talk to citizens about legislature they want to see passed.
. Talk to the governor about citizens issues.
. Affirm/Veto Bills proposed by the mayor and governor.

Supreme Court Justice - This is considered a side job, and does not require a faction position. (Ex. A police officer could be a supreme court justice)

Job Title: Judge/Honorable

. Here testimony and cases presented to you.
. Final Ruling on controversial cases in the appellate and civil courts.
. Rule a piece of proposed legislature unconstitutional.


Job Title: Judge

. Preside over both civil and appellate cases.
. Ability to overturn jury verdicts or have a trial without jury. (Civil - Non- Criminal)
. Regulate Child Support.
. Regulate Alimony of divorced individuals.


Governor (1 Position)
Lieutenant Governor (Chosen as Running Mate)
Mayor (1 Position)
Deputy Mayor (Chosen as Running Mate)
State Senator (2 Positions)
Supreme Court Justice (9 Positions)
Judge/Magistrate (2 Positions)

Application Format

First Name:
Last Name:
Current Occupation:
Desired Public Office:

After Filing out this information you may reply to your own post with your campaign platform, ideals, and individual plans on how you will handle this job if elected, why you should be elected, and what you can do specifically for the people of Los Santos.
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