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[ACCEPTED]El Corona Piru Bloods

on Mon Oct 22, 2012 3:05 pm
OOC Information

Time played on our server?: Started today.
How long have you been rping?: I have 3 years of experience.
How active are you?: On week days i can usually play for about 5 hours. On weekends i can play for 10+ hours each day.
Why do you want to form this faction?: Because I know that i can handle it and i feel like it would benefit the both the server and me due to the fact that i put such a high value on good RP.
Have you ever been banned?: No.
If so why, and by who?:
Are you in good standing with administration?: I've spoken abit with Yuko but thats the only one, we seem to get along very good.

IC Information

Name: Marcus Bay
Age: 25
Sex: Male

Life Story:
Marcus Bay was born in New York with his parents being two successful jewelers. His parents traveled alot in their work and therefor Marcus were home with his nanny very often and that way the learned Spanish.
When Marcus turned 13 he felt lonely due to the reason he had a bad relationship with his parents, he then starte hanging out with a guy called 'Crab' that he had met while he was out buying CD's at times square. He had noticed Crab stealing CD's and therefor went up to speak to him.
They quickly became good friends and Crab got Marcus into the criminal life, starting out with petty theft and small things. Then one day when Crabs older brother was visiting from Los Angeles I got to meet him, his name was Demetrius but went by 'Dem', he was a Blood. Both Marcus and Crab looked up to Dem, seeing as he had everything we could ever wish for. Time went by and Marcus sunk deeper in the crimes and when he were 17 he started dealing weed. He did that for a few years and actually got quite good money doing it, untill he got arrested carrying 20grams of weed in his car.
That was it for his parents, Marcus were dead to them. When he got out from a 6 month prison sentence he went to live with Crab for 3 years, Crab then died from an overdose of cocaine and this put Marcus on the street. He thought about Crab and what he were going to do when it suddenly got to him, Demetrius! Marcus called up Demetrius and found out he now was the leader for 135 Piru Bloods in Los angeles, Marcus asked if he could start up a new set of Bloods and he got Demetrius consent. Marcus then took all the money he had and bought a boat ticket to Los Santos and now he is here, ready to start up the El Corona Piru Bloods.

OOC Faction Information

What type of faction is this?: A street gang
What is the name of your faction?: El Corona Piru Bloods
Does you faction have a color?: Red.
Does your faction only allow certain races/ethnic background?: The core is mainly African American but other races may join aswell.

IC Faction Information

How do you want to be known by the people of Los Santos?: We don't want to be know, we wanna try to fly under the radar as much as possible while still maintaining a street gang style. It's easier for a mafia to fly under the radar, seeing as it's easy to recognize a street gang by the color.
What image do you want you faction to have in the eyes of other factions?: We want to be know as a powerful gang with alot of heart for the gang.

Faction History (Story): This set of Bloods were created by Marcus Bay in 2012 when he arrived to the city of Los Santos from Los Angeles. He decided to start it up after getting consent from a close friends brother, a leader of 135 piru bloods. He started it up because he lost everything he had, and he remembered seeing his frieds brother having everything you could of wished for, women, money, cars, everything. Marcus wanted to bang like Demetrius, he therefor were detemined to get this Blood set going.

Faction Vehicles : 2 Savannas, 2 Remingtons, 2 Tahoma, 1 Sanchez, 2 Ponys, 1 Blade

HQ Location: Contact me Ingame and i can show you the location i have in mind.
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Congratulations on Acceptance

on Mon Oct 29, 2012 5:02 pm

Application Accepted

Additional Notes: None

Standard Message: Your forum section, group, and access will be applied. Additionally your Teamspeak channel and privileges will be updated. You will need to submit a photo for a Teamspeak group icon. As well as setting up stickys, announcements, and posts in your forum section. - This could include, but is not limited to, Gang/Family Story, Application Format, Rules, Ranks, and Terf.

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