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[Election Papers] William Tweed

on Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:07 am
First Name: William
Last Name: Tweed
Age: 55
Current Occupation: Public Servant
Desired Public Office: Governor of San Andreas
Lieutenant Governor: Dean Jones

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Re: [Election Papers] William Tweed

on Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:38 am
Let me start by saying what a great state we live in. Keeping San Andreas and it's various cities and counties happy is going to be my top priority as governor. With that being said let me present to you my first platform.

Introduction: I'm running for governor for two reasons, neither of which are personal gain. I want to see a city with my eyes that reflects the city I want to build with my heart. A cheesy line I know, however, it's the fundamental building blocks of a good Governor to have a vision in mind when building an empire. Everyone is sick and tired of those running for public office to say what they want to hear "Oh i'll fix the economy" or "I'll make you all rich" of course they can say exactly what you want to hear, but can they get it done? No... With that being said I'm going to say the same things. I want to be a governor for the people, elected by the people. If elected I'll start my first day in office by holding a public press conference where I hear exactly what you want to see done here in San Andreas.

Economic Platform

I feel that the restoration of not only the public's economic standing is important, but the surplus of Government tax dollars as well. I have a two point plan that I want to put in place in order to restore not only economic prosperity to the treasury, but straight into your wallets as well.

Point 1) The Grotti Plan

- As many of you know, a multimillion dollar housing complex went up the other day just east of Pershing Square known as Grotti Towers. These towers were a great source of publicity and have added a great housing market to a lower income neighborhood, as well as opening real estate in the Upper Vinewood area. While this is all well and good, the revenue was going to a man who already had such a vast wealth, that he decided to work with me to implement several plans to restore economic prosperity to our fine State. All properties sold in Grotti Towers will have 100% of the revenue donated to the government treasury.

Point 2) Los Santos International Airport

- I want to use the tax dollars generated by the Grotti Towers funding to create several new social aspects that all higher income citizens should enjoy. Due to the theory of trickle down economics I believe that this will see a lasting impact even on those without greater means. I will open private charters to both San Fierro and Las Venturas in order to spark some interest in potential real estate opening up down there. The initial plan is to open up at least 3 Casino's and a variety of restaurant and clothing chains on the Las Venturas strip during my second week in office. So imagine now, a vacation trip, a trip with friends, or a potential business venture starting a new company. Either way, the economic market is going to be cracked wide open.

Law Enforcement

Due to the opening of more businesses and services around the State of San Andreas, we will of course need more Law Enforcement to patrol the areas, and secure the interests of the people and proprietors of the business' being run there. I propose the grand opening of the Dillimore County Sheriffs Department and the increase in funding towards the LSPD's State Trooper Department. This would not only increase law enforcement in the Los Santos area, but allow faster and larger response teams to emergencies, as well as the ability of the law enforcement to spread to the new areas that were opened by the economic projects.

LIHA - Low Income Housing Areas

Recently I've come to notice that our fine state has more and more ghettos and shanty corners appearing all over the place. However we have a high demand for more high income housing. I'm proposing that we tear down some of the ghetto and open a gated community that I'd like to call "Tammany Hall". This would be feature all the amenities that you would expect from a luxury hotel, or day spa. Homes of course, gated off from the less than desirable criminal activity, lavish homes with paved streets, pools, public parks, helipads, and parking for visitors. All of these fine things could be yours if you vote Tweed come election day.

Closing Statement: I know that choosing a Governor is never easy, and that you want to be sure your vote went to the proper person. The kind of man or woman who is going to represent your best interests. Remember just because you didn't see something in my platform doesn't mean anything. These are just the core points I wanted to get hammered into the minds of all who choose to vote on election day. Just remember, Boss Tweed will always be there to hear your requests and ideas for what you want to see done here in San Andreas. Who knows, maybe those ideas will become famous one day too.

So remember folks, vote Tweed, and vote Tammany!
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