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[ APPLICATION FORMAT ] Blue Thunder Aerial Division

on Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:24 pm
LSPD Aerial Support Unit

Blue Thunder is a Special Weapons And Tactics unit within the LSPD. It is a fast-responding aerial unit created to provide an "Eye in the Sky' for officers of the LSPD as well as the citizens of Los Santos.

What are the prerogatives of Blue Thunder?

-Assist traffic officers during high speed pursuits
-First response team to robbery situations
-Aerial transport unit for officers or citizens in need
-Highly trained officers with SWAT authorization

Current Blue Thunder roster and available positions:
BT-01- Commanding Ace
BT-03- Sub-Commanding Ace
BT-05- Operative Pilot
BT-06- Operative Pilot
-Available position-
-Available position-

Are you a peace officer currently employed in the LSPD and are interested in becoming a Blue Thunder pilot? Here are the minimum requirements:

* You must be the minimum rank of Officer.
* You must have basic knowledge about weaponry and equipment in the arsenal.
* You must be in a healthy condition - mentally and physically.
* You must be prepared to deal with extremely hostile environments/scenarios.
* You must be willing to take a drugs test if accepted.
* You should enjoy working with people and meeting the public.
* You should have a good standard of English.

Filling this application out does not confirm you a spot on the Blue Thunder team. Your application will be reviewed by all active members of the LSPD Blue Thunder unit.

[Application] Blue Thunder Aerial Unit:

Date of Birth:
Current LSPD rank:
Current address and phone number:

Why do you wish to join the Blue Thunder Aerial Unit? *

What makes you better than the person next to you that applied or is applying? Explain with a immense amount details *

If you were to be accepted how could you help make this Aerial Unit be successful? Explain in immense details *

Make a scenario that you could possible be put in while apart of the Blue Thunder Aerial Unit, also explain what you would do in the situation *

(( OOC Portion ))

Do you have a microphone and are able to speak on teamspeak?

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