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File a complaint on a Law Enforcement Officer

on Sat Oct 27, 2012 4:37 am
File a Complaint

1. Introduction

Los Santos Police Department is dedicated to provide the finest police service possible. In order to continue to provide quality service to the community, we need your assistance. Police Officers are expected to maintain themselves in a good conducting manner and professionalism to ensure your safety. Internal Affairs investigate any reports of misconduct or poor service.

If you believe that the conduct of an Officer was inappropriate, You may fill out "Complaint of LEO Misconduct" form and send it to Internal Affairs. You'll find the information needed below to submit and understand the procedures of Complaints towards Officers.

2. Complaint Process

Fill out the format listed below and post it as a Thread in the Appeals/Complaints forum. Any complaints made more than 10 days after the occurred misconduct/poor service cannot be investigated, Therefore it is VERY important that you file a complaint as soon as possible. Once you've submitted your complaint be patient. It can take up to 24 hours before your complaint has reached us and has been sent to a Internal Affairs Agent for Investigation. It is important that you give as much detail and evidence as possible. If there are no solid details or evidence your complaint may be dismissed.

Title of your thread should be "[Awaiting Review] Your_Name | Accused_Officer Complaint."
Example would be: [Awaiting Review] Fred_Brown | Robert_Jackson Complaint.

Format below, Press the "Option" Button to view the Format.

Note: Any complaint not following the format (Including the title) will not be processed. You may only submit a Complaint once.

3. Investigation Process

Once an Internal Affairs Agent has reviewed your complaint, The investigation starts. It may take time to review CCTV's, dashcams, documents and statements from accused officers/witnesses. During this time you might be contacted for further information and evidence. If there are no response from you within 48 hours your complaint will be dismissed. The initial investigation may take roughly 24-72 hours to complete. During this time we ask you not to pester or contact us unless you have new vital information or evidence.

Your complaint will receive one of the four possible findings:


The investigation showed that the act(s) did not occur.


The act(s) occurred, but was justified, legal and proper.

Not Sustained

The investigation had insufficient information to prove or disprove the allegation.


The Officer committed all or part of the acts of misconduct or poor service. If sustained for Criminal Acts, the Officer is subject for criminal proceedings.

Consideration of disciplinary actions.

If your Complaint was Sustained there are several things we take in to consideration before a decision is set for the punishment.

The Degree of Harm

The Officer's Experience

Intentional or Unintentional Errors

The Officer's Past Record

4. Notification of Parties

Both parties will be notified by a written letter about the disposition of the complaint within seven (7) days. Internal Affairs & LSPD refrains from releasing details of the investigation of the Officer to the public.
Every Complaint is reviewed and followed up by the Internal Affairs Director Chief Of Police Andrew Meyer and reports straight to the Chief.

Complainer Information

Name: (Your name, First and Last name.)
Phone:(Your Phone Number.)
Home Address: (Your current Address of residence.)

Complaint Information

Officers involved: (Names and/or Badge numbers of Officers involved. If Officer names are unknown, explain what each Officer looked like.)
What happened to cause this complaint: (Please state your complaint, including names, times, locations, witnesses, and any other information that would help in investigating your complaint. Also attach any evidence)
Witnesses: (Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of witnesses present at the time of occurrence (If known).)

I, First Last, hereby agree and certify that the statement which I have provided is wholly truthful. The names which I have presented are the truth, or what I know to be the truth, or something which I do not know to be untrue. I have expressed the above of my own free will and without pressure nor force of another individual. These are my words and I stand by, and will testify such statement. I understand that falsification of this information may result in criminal misdemeanors being brought against myself, should this be deemed appropriate.
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