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*NEWS* LSPD Updates

on Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:19 pm
I would like to start by stating that we have several new transfer members who will be taking over and leading positions, as well as, merging into new rankings that we've added to the Los Santos Police Department.

New Departments: We've decided that in order to both protect and serve the community, the addition of new and improved divisions will help to not only keep the streets safer, and and micromanage specific abilities and talents of officers, but keep the LSPD running in tip top shape with as little corruption and abuse of power as possible.

With that being said, I'd like to start by naming the 4 new departments/sections that the LSPD is being broken up into, as well as the rankings that coincide with them.

Department 1: LSPD Administration
Department 2: Non-Commissioned Staff

Division 1: Internal Affairs Division
Division 2: Training and Recruitment
Division 3: Detective Bureau
Division 4: Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.)

Explanation of Departments -

LSPD Administration: This department, as well as Department 2, are just umbrella terms that are used to categorize members of the LSPD.

What is Administration and their duties?: Administration is the department that houses all units from the rank of Deputy Lieutenant - Commissioner, meaning that all units under that rank fall into the department of NCO's.

Administration is lead by the Commissioner of the LSPD, and all delegation of power falls to that rank at all times. The Commissioner has the right to both delegate and revoke specific duties for each rank in the Administrative department, and the specific reason for the department is to allow for the management of NCO's by commissioned officers, in order to reduce the workload on the Chief's of the LSPD.

We have also made a change to the ranking system for commissioned officers, and the rank of Commander is now equal to that of the rank Deputy Chief. The difference between the two ranks is that one is directly responsible for the oversight of the Special Weapons and Tactics Units, while the other is mainly in charge of general administration of the LSPD.

Explanation of Divisions -

Internal Affairs: This division has come about due to complaints and suspicions about potential and probable abuse of power and corruption among officers. They are directly responsible for investigating officers both NCO's and CO's throughout the LSPD. Any investigation can be made without the knowledge of any CO's or NCO's provided that it is of a ranking lower than Deputy Lieutenant. For any investigations of someone ranking about Sergeant, direct consent from either Commissioner is required, unless the Commissioner is the unit under investigation.

Detective Bureau: Consists of Detectives who are generally considered undercover officers, and make pursue their own private investigations so long as they do not involve 3rd party payments or unlawful search and seizures.

Training and Recruitment: This department is responsible for the oversight of training of all new cadets, forced re-training of officers, or probationary classes, etc...

S.W.A.T.: Self Explanatory, deals with severe situations, requiring both special weapons and tactics, that are all trained prior to events of emergencies and have specific certifications.

On a darker note, I'd also like to take the time to announce my temporary leave of absence from the police department, during which time, I will act only as a consultant on cases and during extreme emergencies. During this time, both Commander Riggs Serrano, and Deputy Chief John Lai will be taking over my responsibilities as Commissioner of the police force.
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