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626 Murdablock

on Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:17 pm

Time played on our server?:Just Started Today.
How long have you been rping?:About 4 years, I have alot of past RP experience.
How active are you?:Preety Active I Try To Play Atleast Every Two Days.
Why do you want to form this faction?:Because I Feel It Can Bring Alot Of RP To This Server.
Have you ever been banned?:Never.
If so why, and by who?:
Are you in good standing with administration?:Yes.


Life Story:De'Shane grew up in Los Sants, growing up was very hard for De'Shane. De'Shane grew up in Willowfielf a very bad neighborhood, waking up in the morning De'Shane would hear gun shots and his mother crying or being beaten by his abusive father. De'Shane was very different from the other kids that lived in his neighborhood, while they were playing video games and playing with toys; De'Shane was thinking about making money. One day De'Shane was walking down his neighborhood street, he ran into his friend Hakeem, "Yo wassup man?" Hakeem said, "Nothin' Much.." Reply'd De'shane, "Yo' follow up, I got somethin' to show you." Hakeem said. They both walked towards the back of the houses on Willowfield's dead-end street, Hakeem suddenly pulled out a large 30. Caliber handgun. Amazed De'Shane took the gun from Hakeem and began to play with it, while messing with the trigger De'Shane suddenly heard a "BANG". Hakeem slowly fell towards the ground, he had been shot by De'Shane.

Waking up in Los Santos Juevenille Detention Center was horrible to De'Shane, after he accidently shot Hakeem, the police did not believe it was a accident so they sentenced him with 2 years. 2 years later, De'Shane walked out of the Detention Center, he was 17 now and already had a very bad record, he decided to find a gang to join. He walked to his old neighborhood, looking for the usual group of guys standing on the corners. He approached a man named Cheese dapping him up, telling him he wanted to get down, Cheese just laughed and told him "In order to be a OG you gotta' be a lil nigga first.". De'Shane took that to heart so he started to earn respect around the neighborhood by beating up kids, stealing radios, etc. One day Cheese approached De'Shane "You ready man?" Cheese said, before De'Shane could even answer he was attacked by a group of men from the neighborhood. Cheese counted to 16 very slowly, letting De'Shane take his beating. Once he was done counting, Cheese walked up to De'Shane, helping him up from the ground, handing him a brown rag. "You one of us now, welcome to Murdablock.". De'Shane smiled, spitting out some blood onto the ground.

Through the years De'Shane rose through the ranks of the gang untill he was the OG of his neighborhood, he also earned the nickname 'Cash'.....

What type of faction is this?: Street Gang
What is the name of your faction?: 626 Murdablock
Does you faction have a color?:Brown and Black
Does your faction only allow certain races/ethnic background?: African American only.

How do you want to be known by the people of Los Santos?: As protectors of our neighborhood.
What image do you want you faction to have in the eyes of other factions?: Dont fuck with them.

Faction History (Story):
Players Ya' see niggas on the block always gotta burna... one afta'noon my nigga De'Shane was sellin' them yappas, he was lettin em go for low so, fiends was always around. 5-0 had my nigga De'Shane on lock, but couldn't pin anythin on that nigga. It all started with the 3 of my niggas De'Shane, he was more of tha pusha, Warren, my nigga did dirt.. and lots of it.. Xavier that nigga had the hook up, he could get you anything you needed. We was always on the block, makin money.. too bad we spent it jus as fast as we made it.

Oh, can find me in the cemetery jus down tha' street from the bank, I got caught slippin. It ain't shit tho, na' mean? People die err'day.. we all jus tryna make a livin. Sometimes it gets outtahand and niggas jus gettoo ignit. My story aint any different from what you been hearin. Iwas out there grindin, my nigga X put on to tha connect and I was makin hella paper, I mean it jus got normal to me, I forgot what I was doin. One night we was on the strip some bitch had came through lookin fine as hell, I holla'd at her.. she wasn't feelin me so, me an' my nigga De'Shane snatched tha bitch up and ran a train on that hoe in tha alley by tha' ten greenbottles...

We kept chillin that night we got drunk as hell on tha strip, I ain't have my strap.."Aye nigga, you gotta' burna?" De'Shane said. "NahB, it's back at tha crib, 5-0 was hot as hellout in Glen tha otha' day I hadda leave that shit there" I said... It seemed we walked for miles to De'Shane's car but, we made. "Hol' up fam-o, I gotta take a piss, don't leave*chuckles*" said De'Shane as he staggered down the alley. I was there by myself.. no burna and, I was gone offthat gray goose.."Man hurry up!" I yelled into the darkness. De'Shane came back to car.."Thefuck you rushin me for?" asked De'Shane. "nuttin' man, It's jus quiet out ere' na'mean?"

I said. De'Shane nodded and reached into his pocket taking out his keys. He opened the door and got in the car, then unlocking my door as he turned the car on. I took one last scan of the area and hopped in the car.."Fire up this blunt fam.." De'Shane demanded... I reached for the blunt that inthe ash tray and patted myself down for a lighter. a couple moments later we was at De'Shane's sister's house.. we made it inside where we smoked some more kushed and passed out..tha' next mornin I woke up and it was quiet.. very quiet.. my head was hurting like hell..

De'Shane had left his keys on the table so I decided to go to my crib for my strap. I made it to my crib and stepped out the car in the next few minuets I'd be dead.. who knew? I slammed De'shane's door and felt the cold steel on the back of my head....*BANG*

Faction Cars: Huntley,Premier,Savannah,Tahoma,Glendale,Oceanic,Admiral,BMX,Burrito,Nebula..
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Re: 626 Murdablock

on Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:14 pm
Leader was banned for hacking.
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on Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:33 pm
I wasnt even hacking my friend had vehicle teleports or vehicle hacks or something so he kept tping to me while I was running from the police, when the police where shooting me I was dying, Idk he was hacking I was trying to bring more players to the server I deserve to be unbanned he was hacking not me.
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Re: 626 Murdablock

on Sun Mar 17, 2013 4:09 pm
forum Locked

Faction is denied- Owner Banned

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on Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:30 am
No the story was from the prospective of another 626 Murdablock member who was shot and killed after he left my characters house (DeShanes house).. DeShane is still alive and running 626 Murdablock
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Re: 626 Murdablock

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