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[Election Papers] Michael_Briant

on Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:52 pm
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Briant
Age: 34
Current Occupation: Self Employed
Desired Public Office: Governor
Lieutenant Governor: Sarah Lock

I would like to take this time to explain the big issues in this city. We are not only living in a city inevitably facing one of the worst crime rates, but one where banks are being robbed, drugs are being smuggled, and children are being murdered all on our streets. I will take this little time to explain my main platform for government law and reform. Sarah Lock and I are running independent with no party influence. With this in mind I would like to propose our solutions to the broken laws and problems in this fine city of Los Santos.

Number One: Our bank robberies have been on the rise and people have lost thousands of hard earned dollars because of this. I propose an insurance program for Los Santos major banks. Within my Proposal I wish to include 100% reimbursal to all lost money due to any bank failures or robberies. Within this measure, we as a people can ensure that no one is left in the dark whether you have lost food on your table or money for your next house.

Number Two: Traffic is a huge problem on some of our major roads. Children, men and women are being run over, hit and killed by cars daily. To prevent these accidents I would like to propose my 45/85 traffic plan. This entails stopping at all red traffic lights, with right on red. The major component to this is the 45 MPH speed limit on all roads and 85 MPH on all highways. This will ensure that all drivers are alert and will prevent unnecessary accidents causing injury and death.

Number Three: While getting high is something that people may attribute to wasteful things in life, why should people be told that they can drink alcohol but not smoke marijuana? I propose the legalization of the all natural plant of marijuana. This will not only prevent the prominent crowding in our jail systems, but add to our tax revenue from businesses selling this product. I will leave it up to voters on whether or not this is an idea our citizens will accept into their lives.

Number Four: Prostitution seems to be propping back up in our city. With this is mind Paying for sex is currently against the law. Mind your this may seem like a bad thing, but how is paying to view porn any different from getting the real thing? I propose to select certain zones in our cities where we will legalize the Prostitution-OK zones where any Los Santos citizens may pick up their fine ladies for the night of their life. Again We will leave this also for the voters to decide during the first few weeks of the start of my administration.

Number Five: Taxes! Some people may say the rent is just too damn high, well Sarah Lock and I agree! With our proposals, we should be able to not only be able to make a reduction in property and business taxes, but also reduce income taxes! With the new market we can tap into with marijuana, we will be able to create a new stream of income to make up for the lower taxes! This will be dependent on all of our voters in our proposed legislation.
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