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[FORMAT] Suggestion format

on Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:06 pm
-- Suggestion Request Format --
Date (At time of posting): MM/DD/YYYY
Suggestion Type: (New Feature, New Mod, Slight Tweak, Remove a Feature/Mod)
Suggestion: (Describe your suggestion in detail here, explaining as much about it as you can)

-- Example Request --
Date:  6/14/2017
Suggestion Type: Slight Tweak
Suggestion: Change the color of the ammunation map icons from green to red.

-- Note --
Not all suggestions are guaranteed to be accepted, and many that are accepted may not be approved in their original context. I expect that when a suggestion is posted (unless the suggestion is inherently generic) users will comment and discuss any follow-up ideas or concerns they may have. The suggestion process may take some time.

A suggestion will have one of three potential types: OPEN, ACCEPTED or DENIED.
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