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on Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:45 pm

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch acts as the face of the Los Santos City Government.
They have the primary responsibilities for the day to day functions of the government.
Some of the ways you may see your elected Executives serving the public is as follows:

  • Government Press Releases
  • Public Events
  • Hiring of Government Employees (Security, Secretarial, Attorneys)
  • Oversight of Government Agencies (LSPD, LSES)
  • Oversight of Legislative or Judicial Misconduct
  • Scheduling of Hearings

Elected Positions in the Executive Branch are as follows:

Mayor of Los Santos
Title: Mayor
Elected Term: Six (6) Months (Real Time)
Term Limit: Two (2) Terms

Deputy Mayor of Los Santos
Title: Deputy Mayor
Elected Term: Six (6) Months (Real Time)
Term Limit: None
**You cannot run for Deputy Mayor**
**You must run as part of a Mayoral Ticket**

Legislative Branch

The Legislative branch is broken up into two houses, the Assembly and the Senate.
The Legislature has the power to create to change laws, statutes and codes within the City of Los Santos.
Any legislation must pass by majority vote in the chamber it was written, then it is passed to the other chamber for review/amendment.
If no amendments are proposed, the bill is voted on, if it passes again with a majority, it is set to become law with approval by the Mayor.
Any amendments added in one chamber will require the bill to be sent back to the original chamber to be re-approved by a majority of members.

[NOTE: The Server Administration reserves the right to void a bill based on 'Unconstitutionality' or if it's considered detrimental to RP or the server at large.]

Elected Positions in the Legislative Branch are as follows:

Job Title: Assemblyman
Elected Term: One (1) Month (Real Time)
Term Limit: None

Job Title: Senator
Elected Term: Two (2) Months (Real Time)
Term Limit: Two (2) Terms

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch oversees all lawsuits brought before the court.
They may also be convened during times of contention in the legislative process.
They have the unique ability to determine a law unconstitutional or invalid before it is ratified as law.

Elected Positions in the Legislative Branch are as follows:

Job Title: Justice (or Chief Justice)
Elected Term: 4 Months (Real Time)
Term Limit: None
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