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InfernoRP Administration Explained

on Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:27 am
InfernoRP Administration Explained

The Administration in InfernoRP is broken up into two pieces, Server Administration and Forum Administration. A user can be a member of both groups and is not limited to one form of Administration.

The job of a Forum Administrator is simple: Monitor the InfernoRP Forums, lock/delete topics based on our defined Forum rules, move older topics to the archives, etc...

The job of Forum Administrator can be applied for and is not as strictly vetted as the in game administration positions are.

The Second component to the staff hierarchy is the Server Administrator. Server Administrators (with the exception of Lead Administrator) do not have access to commands that would allow them to give themselves unfair advantage (such as setting money or giving items). In the event that these commands are needed for any reason, the Lead Administrator is the only one who can use them and there will be a section on forums for reporting any bugs or losses due to errors or glitches (Reimbursement not guaranteed).

Applying for a Server Administrator spot is a tougher process and most applicants that don't have sufficient playtime on the server or are not well known within the community will most likely not receive Administrator. Most of the time, applications for Server Administrator will be 'CLOSED' unless an opening on the team is available.

Hierarchy of InfernoRP Administration

Lead Administrator
Moderator (May be added if needed)

Lead Forum Moderator (Will eventually be implemented and put in charge of approving new Forum Mods)
Forum Moderator

Special Groups
Server Development (Access to Developer Topics on the Forum)
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