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Factions Explained

on Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:33 pm
InfernoRP Factions Explained

There are three distinguishable types of Factions on InfernoRP:

  1. Server Factions (A.K.A. - 'Static Factions')
  2. Official Factions (A.K.A. - 'Dynamic Factions')
  3. Unofficial Factions

I'm going to be using this thread to explain what each of them are, how they are formed, and what their contributions to the server entail.

Server Factions

These are unique factions that are built into the script and are inherently necessary to facilitate proper Roleplay.

These factions include the following:

  1. The Government of Los Santos (LSGOV)
  2. The Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
  3. Los Santos Emergency Services (LSES)
  4. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  5. San Andreas National Guard (SANG)

The reason that these factions are also referred to as 'Static Factions' is because they remain immune to change and will not be removed from the factions of the server. These factions also are subject to a higher degree of Administrative oversight. This is because the majority of those factions have script based commands that in other circumstances could be construed as powergaming (i.e. Arresting, Handcuffing, etc...).

In order to join a Server Faction, simply navigate to the section of the forums where that Faction is based and find the proper application format. Each Server Faction should have a leader who is responsible for accepting/denying applications. If your application is accepted, you will be added to the Faction both in game and on the forums.

Official Factions

Official factions are similar to Server Factions in many ways. Any official faction will also be built into the script and allow for new members and unique features such as a faction HQ.

Official factions are generally reserved for the less than legal activities of Roleplay. This is where you will see gangs, mafias, criminal enterprises, etc...

Do not expect to see a "Los Santos Sheriff's" in the Official Factions section, think more along the lines of "Grove Street Families".

There are two ways to join an official faction, you can either apply using whatever application system their leader has decided to use, or as an alternative, you could apply to start your own Official Faction. Details on starting your own official factions can be found ------>Here

The final point to be made about Official Factions is in reference to them being 'Dynamic'. The reason they are dynamic (as opposed to static) is that they can be removed, disbanded or destroyed by both Administrative events and server events.

If a faction has broken a lot of rules or is a general nuisance to the server, the Administration reserves the right to remove that faction.

If a faction leader decides to disband and does not appoint a successor, that faction will be removed.

If a faction's members begin to stop playing the server, and the faction is no longer active, it can be removed.

Unofficial Factions

Anyone can start an unofficial faction. It is as simple as declaring on the forums "I am a faction, hear me roar". The difference being... you're not actually a faction (at least not by the server's standards).

You wont receive your own forum section and you will be limited to the single thread that you make in the Unofficial Factions section. You can still 'recruit' members, but there will be no server related functions that actually consider you or anyone else 'in a faction'.

So what does this mean?: Generally, Unofficial Factions are the precursors to Official Factions. Being accepted as an Official Faction is difficult and requires being known by the Staff and Community members. Your best bet if you want to have an Official Faction is to first post in the Unofficial Section, begin RPing and recruiting ingame, then when you believe you are ready, make an Official Faction Application Post.

The Unofficial Factions Area can be found: ------->Here
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