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on Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:58 pm

Los Santos Emergency Medical Services (LSEMS) is a branch of the Los Santos Emergency Services (LSES). The LSES contains an additional branch, the LSFD (Los Santos Fire Department) sometimes referred to as LSEFS (Los Santos Emergency Fire Services).

LSEMS is responsible for responding to medical emergencies and is the primary recipient of 911 calls requiring paramedic or EMS response. Additionally, the LSEMS includes doctors, sugeons, medical assistants and nurses in addition to the paramedics who are the first responders.

LSEMS operates out of the Los Santos Central Medical Center which is home to state of the art Medical Technologies and apparatus' meant to ensure that patients make a full recovery.

The Chief Executive of the LSEMS holds the title 'LSEMS Director' or 'Director of LSEMS' whichever title is preferrable to the current office holder. The LSEMS Director is appointed by the LSES Director anytime there is a vacancy in the position. The LSES Director is the head of the entiriety of the LSES, including both LSEMS and LSFD, with the power to replace either respective Director.

Within the LSES Sub-Organization of the LSEMS, the structural hierarchy is as follows:

[Executive Positions]
LSEMS Director (Appointed by the LSES Director)
LSEMS Deputy Director (Appointed by the LSEMS Director)

[Medical Professional Positions]
Lead Physician (Appointed by Director of LSEMS)

[Medical Support Staff Positions]
Medical Assistant

[First Responders]
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