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[GUIDE] Paychecks/Payday

on Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:50 am
Our current system is set to trigger a paycheck event in game for every 60 minutes that passes in real time.

Paychecks are structured into a few categories that determine what your applicable taxes and net income will be.

The Paycheck values are derived as follows:

Base Pay
First, all citizens will receive a base pay of $500, regardless of whether they have any other faction, job, business, home, etc...

Faction Pay
Next, Faction pay is determined based on your current faction and what your pay grade is for that faction. Faction pay grades can generally be found within the section of the forums where that faction is located.
If you were a member of the LSPD and your rank was Officer II, you would receive an additional $2,750 in your paycheck.
If you were a member of the LSPD and your rank was Commander, you would receive an additional $6,200 in your paycheck.

Job Pay
Assuming that you have a LEGALLY obtained job, you will receive a base job pay dependent on which legal job you currently hold. This job pay is completely separate from any pay you receive while performing job related tasks or missions. If you currently have an ILLEGAL job or are unemployed, you will receive $0 job pay.

Business Income
If you have a registered business at the Los Santos Chamber of Commerce you will receive business income every payday.
Business pay received is 5/10ths of 1% of your current business capital per payday, MINUS - 11% of that same income which is taken as Los Santos Business Income Taxes.

Property Taxes
As long as you own a home in Los Santos you will be subject to Property Taxes every payday. Property Taxes are calculated as follows:
First, determine the assessed value of your home (8% of the Purchase Price)
Second, take 4.5% of the assessed value and that is your payable taxes per payday.
Note: If your payday income is not enough to cover your property taxes you will not receive a payday.

Calculate Gross Pay
Add Base Pay ($500)
Add Faction Pay
Add Job Pay
Add Business Income

Calculate Net Pay (Amount Received)
Subtract Income Tax (5%)
Subtract Los Santos Taxes (2%)
Subtract Property Taxes

Example Payday:
Faction: LSPD (Detective I)
Job: Mechanic
Business Capital: $225,000
Home Value: $325,000

Base Pay: $500
Faction Pay:  $3,500
Job Pay: $800

Business Pay: $1,000
Income              //   $225,000 * .005 = $1,125
Business Taxes //    $1,125 * .11 = $ 123.75
Net Business Pay // $1,125 - 123.75 = $1,000 (ROUNDED)

Calculate Taxes
Base Pay + Faction Pay + Job Pay = $4,800
Income Tax   //  $4,800 * .05 = $ 240
LS Tax            // $4,800 * .02 = $ 96
After Income Taxes:  $4,800 - $336 = $4,464

Property Taxes
Assessed Value //  $325,000 * .08 = $26,000
Property Tax Due // $26,000 * .045 = $1,170

Amount Received for Payday
Net Business Pay ($1,000) + Net Income Pay ($4,464) = $5,464
Net Income ($5,464) - Property Taxes ($1,170) = $4,294
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