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[GUIDE] Player Businesses

on Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:32 am
Introduction: A business is a way for a player to spend money, earn money, invest money, buy vehicles, launder dirty money, etc... A useful tool for both illegal and legal practicies within Inferno RP.

Getting Started: In order to form a business you will want to open your map and navigate to the "Chamber of Commerce". If you do not already have a business, the option "Open a Business" will be available, otherwise you will only have access to the directory of businesses and information about your business.

Forming a Business: In order to form the business successfully you will need to have a minimum of $125,000 to invest in the business. In addition, you will also need to choose a desired business name. NOTE: THIS CAN ONLY BE CHOSEN ONE TIME UNLESS YOUR BUSINESS IS SHUT DOWN, CHOSE CAREFULLY.

Entering your Business: Once you've lawfully registered your business with the Chamber of Commerce, part of that $125,000 you put down goes towards reserving your company a private office in the Arcadius Business Center. Open your map menu and navigate to the "Arcadius Business Center", once you've arrived, enter thru the lobby doors and access your office.

Business Components Explained: Alright, so now you should be by the elevators right outside of your office lobby. The first thing you're going to see are green circles on the ground, indicating that each one is a different business component.

  • Directory of Business - Displays a directory of all the registered businesses with the Chamber of Commerce, along with your businesses information (i.e. name, capital, etc...).
  • Wardrobe - Allows for you to save and load outfits for your character. This wardrobe shares saved outfits with other wardrobe elements like the one that appears in player owned houses/apartments.
  • Interior Management Desk - This desk is used to choose the design of the interior of your office. It allows you to load/unload IPL's of the different office interiors. You may need to run over to the sleeping area in the office for the interior to appear with the correct design (this is a flaw of GTAV rendering).
  • Asset Management PC - This computer is used to manage the assets of your business and has two options. 1. - Add Capital to Business, 2. - Launder Money. These will be explained in greater detail later on.
  • Investment PC - This computer is used to make investments. Investments are risks you can take by putting up money for either 1. Long Term Investment or 2. Short Term Investment.
  • Vehicle Management PC - This computer is used to purchase vehicles that are unique to a business. These are mostly vehicles that cannot be purchased anywhere else, for example an Armored Benefactor. You can also purchase helicopters for use at your business HQ from this menu.
  • Three Elevators - One for exiting your business, one for spawning vehicles in the garage, and one for spawning helicopters on the roof.

Additional Details Explained

Add Capital: This allows you to directly deposit money into your business, thus increasing your business total capital. The total capital in your business affects several different things throughout the server.

  1. Payday Income (you get a dividend based on your total capital).
  2. Total Amount you business can launder in a 24 hour period.
  3. Ability to increase your investment skill (Increasing lvl, requires a certain amount of capital in the business per level) .

Launder Money: This allows you to turn money earned from illicit means into clean cash. You will receive a return of 75% for every dollar you launder, meaning if you laundered $100,000 dollars of dirty money, you would receive $75,000 of legal funds back. There is a cooldown on the amount you can launder every 24 hours through your business. The total amount of money you can launder is based on the capital in your business, meaning that the more legal money you put into your business capital, the more amount of illegal cash you could theorhetically launder per day.

Business Capital: $200,000
Amount of Dirty Money Launderable every 24 Hours: $200,000
Total Clean Money Returned every 24 Hours Max: $150,000

Note on Laundering: It should probably go without saying that money laundering is a serious crime. If you are ever caught by law enforcement laundering money through your business, there is a chance the police can shut down your business. This would mean the assets of the business would be seized and all of the capital put into the business will be forfeit to the State of San Andreas. Laundering illegal money may be a good way to earn cash, but it also opens you to the posibility of your business losing all of it's capital, regardless if all or part of that capital was originally laundered money.
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