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[GUIDE] Gundealing, Gunsmithing, and Materials Running

on Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:53 am
Introduction: This guide will briefly explain the relationship of weapons, guns and players on the server.

Background: The most simple way to obtain a weapon on Inferno would be to walk into an Ammunation, however, unless a player posesses a LS Weapons Permit they will only have access to Melee Weapons and Tazer. If they spend the $12,000 required to get a Weapons Permit, they will have access to the secondary counter in Ammunation which sell handguns (with the exception of some like the Desert Eagle). Any other weapons besides those sold in Ammunation must be obtained by other means.

Gunsmithing is a skill that can be leveled by creating weapons using Weapons Materials.
Weapons Material can be purchased from players, farmed w/ the Materials Running job, or purchased from the Depot for $8 unit.
Anyone can level and train this skill regardless of what job they currently hold.  
This skill has 10 levels.
Each Level unlocks new craftable guns.
These guns can be sold to other players.

Materials Running is a legal job obtainable from the Los Santos Employment Center.
Materials Runners travel to the scrap yard and purchase scrap metal for $2 per unit.
Materials Runners bring the srap metal back to the Depot and refine the scrap in Weapons Materials.
Materials Runners can either sell these materials to players who will use them in conjuction with the Gunsmithing Skill, use them for themselves with their own gunsmithing skill, or sell the materials to the server-operated Depot for $4 per unit.

Note: The Laws will be clearly denoted on the forums, however, it should be made expressely clear that it's not illegal for a Gunsmith to make any weapons, only to sell them to non-authorized persons. For example, a civilian is never going to be legally able to carry an RPG. Any gunsmith who makes an RPG and sells it to a player can be arrested as that is an illegal gun sale (the purchaser can be arrested as well), however, if someone from Merryweather Security with a contractors license wanted to purchase a Carbine Rifle, that would be a legal sale. If a civilian wanted to purchase the same without a contractors license, it would be an illegal sale.
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