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[GUIDE] Server Stuff

on Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:44 am
Hello members and players of Inferno Roleplay, This is your Chief of Police Travis Walters. IM here to help you through the newb rank on the server. Before we start id like to tell you thank you for choosing our server. Also, if i dont cover something you think should be covered post a reply and if i don't answer a question you have with this handbook then PM the question and ill answer it.

Server Rules:

1. Do not DM(Death Match)
2. Do not Meta Game or Power Game
3. Do not advertise another server
4. English in OOC and in character only.
5. DO not spam
6. Use (( )) when not talking in character(/o or /oo, /b already have the (()) )
7. Do not flame others
8. Use common since.

Forum Rules:

1. No Spam
2. No Flame
3. No Advertising Anything other than our server or things on our server.


There are many jobs which you can choose from. Legal and Illegal.

5 Hour Contracts:

Products Seller
Arms Dealer
Drug Dealer

No Contracts:

Pizza Boy
Taxi Driver
Street Sweeper

Joining a Gang

There are very many gangs in Inferno Roleplay. They are very custom. The gangs are as followed

Lucci Family Mafia
Jefferson Brotherhood
626 Murdablock
Brothers in Arms

and unoffical gangs

One group and thats the Hitman Agency

To join a group contact the Don of each group and they will set up a roleplay so you may join. Each group has its own headquarters with cars and weapons. Gangs are a great way to gain power over others quickly as seeing you have back up in fights. Also it is a good way to earn money. DO what the Don tells you and do it right and you just might get promoted and make the $$. Also, some gangs make you apply before roleplaying in such as the Lucci Family Mafia

Goverment Factions

Currently we have the Los Santos Police Department(LSPD), FBI, Los Santos Medical Department(LSMD). The LSPD takes care of hold ups, traffic stops, illegal drugs(small scale), kidnappings, thearts, and etc. Where the FBI handles terroism, large scale importing of illegal drugs and such. the LSMD handles your medical problems.

To join a Government faction you must apply for them. Remember, Government jobs are harder to get into as they need skilled players that we can trust. They general have better benefits. You must fill out an application and read there rules.

Buying Houses/Businesses

One of the best things about Inferno Roleplay is you can buy a house and buiness at any level as long as you have the cash to pay for it. We have gas stations phone companies advertisement companies and more for your business that you can buy. Some cost more then others do to a better interior or of there placement in a high traffic area. Houses range from 1 to 10000000 dollars. With our dynamic housing we can place a house anywhere there is a building and make it have any interior. So when you are buying a house there is a short description of the interior. Small, Medium, or Large.

Some useful commands

Laws of Los Santos can be found here:
Read the laws so you are not breaking them in game. Chances are if you break the law you will be caught.

Notes: Will post more information and correct errors as people found them. If you have a topic you want added post it. IF you want to add information post the information and i will add it to the HandBook and post your name in your sub topic.

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