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Donation "What If's"

on Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:17 pm
Please note that all of these are if and only if I am receiving the amount EVERY month not just once.

Donation Goals:

The following are what will happen if goals.

$5 a month

We will update the slots to 50.

$10-20 a month

We will update the amount of slots of our server to 100.


We will update the the slots to 100, and get web hosting and a domain.


We will update the slots to 125.


Depending on the current amount of active players we will got to 150.


We will keep it at 150, and deposit money into an account that will keep the server running for future months.


We will upgrade to 175 Slots (Maybe if we have enough). Otherwise we will just put it into the payment account.


I will keep the server at 175 slots if it is at that mark. Otherwise I will deposit use $50 to pay off whatever webhosting costs I have, and then put the rest of that $50 into the account. Then I will use the other $50 to see if I can hire a team of scripters to help design anything the players think we need. I will have a forum topic.


At this point if I am receiving $150 a month I will be assuming most likely we have a decently popular server. (this may happen Razz I hope!) This would mean our server is usually over the 100 players mark during prime time. I would use $50 for server costs $50 for scripting costs, and the other money for god knows what… I would probably end up either just adding it to the server funds, or paying for advertising.


^ if this is happening every month I will probably cry out of joy. This would show the commitment of our players, and the desire to keep our server running. This is not only a selfless act, but a noble one. I would use the money to upgrade to server to 200-225 slots depending, and then I would use the other amount I needed for cost. Then I might take what’s left, and give some of the donators some money back to thank them.


I honestly don’t know if this could happen, but if it does… gosh I don’t know that’s more money than I think I would ever need for costs. I guess I would ask what everyone wanted in a forum post.
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