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[GUIDE] An important point on your perspective during roleplay.

on Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:53 pm
As I roleplay on SAMP I notice many people making the same mistake. See, the way people play San Andreas Roleplay servers is like a traditional videogame. They do whatever benefits them and exploit glitches and such to their advantage, trying to make their character be the most powerful and successful. San Andreas Roleplay is meant to be more like writing a book. You have to look at your character from a bystander's perspective. Your character will succeed or fail, and you can't take your character side. Instead, you should enjoy seeing your character's journey as you would reading a book or a comic. You can't metagame and cut corners in roleplay to make yourself rich, that's simply not how roleplay works. Instead, you should look at your character like you would at a character in a book. That character might hit obstacles and might lose their fortune, but do you ever ragequit on a book because the protagonist fell from grace? No, instead you keep reading to see where that character ends up. You don't grab a pen and start scribbling out pages in the book and rewriting the story so in the end, the character becomes the king of the world. Why would you? You have no personal connection to that character. You gain nothing from seeing him succeed or fail. Instead, you enjoy seeing his struggles and journey no matter where they take him. And that is how you should look at your roleplay chracter too.
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