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Accountant Application Form

on Fri Aug 24, 2012 12:15 pm
In-Character Information



Past Positions:

Were you ever affiliated with crime on this character?:

If you are, why do you feel you still deserve this job?:

Are you alright with handling funds and not having an exciting job?:

Do you have good people skills for communicating with other departments and myself?:

Are you OK with carrying paychecks to the chiefs of the departments on a daily basis?

Do you know the city well?:

Do you have an IC driver's license?:

Are you a good driver?:

Are you good enough not to crash the faction cars?:

Do you have an IC gun license?

Do you understand that even though you will have access to the locker, there is very little purpose for you to access it?:

Have you ever been arrested for misuse of firearms?:

Experience which makes you right for the job:

Do you have any recommendations?:

How is your English on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best):

Out Of Character Information (OOC)

Are you willing to OOC promise that you won't steal from the city's funds?:

If you're not, explain why you're trustworthy ICly:


How long have you been Roleplaying?:

When did you join Inferno RP?:

Have you held any similar positions in the past?

In Character Story (No word limit, but it has to be amazing so expect to write a lot):
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