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To-Do List

on Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:14 am
This is the development To-Do list.

I'm going to be adding things to this list that I know need to be completed or added. You can reply to this thread with something to add if you think I've missed it. Otherwise, I'll be moving any approved suggestions from the other forum section to this list.

As a 'To-Do' item is completed it will be removed from the list with a strike-thru, and marked with the date it was added next to it on the list.

***Inferno RP Development To-Do List***

Add LSPD Police Garage (DONE)
Add LSPD Armory (DONE)
Add LSPD Helicopter Garage Point (DONE)
Add Additional Uniform Options (DONE)
Add Option for Obtaining Body Armor (DONE)

[Gun Shops]
Add Non-Permit Weapon Counters (DONE)
Add Permit Weapon Counters (DONE)
Add Weapons Permit (DONE)
Add Ability to Purchase a Weapons Permit (Cost of Permit $12,000) (DONE)
Allow Players w/ Weapons Permit to use Permit Weapon Counter (DONE)
Add two (2) Weapons Permit Application Windows (DONE)

Change Minimum Investment Capital to Form a Business to $125,000 (DONE)
Change Money Laundered to 75% of principal.(DONE)
Added Arcadius Business Center Building.(DONE)
Added Wardrobe component to the Business Office.(DONE)
Added Interior Design component to the Business Office.(DONE)
Added Business Directory, Asset Management, and Vehicle purchase computers.(DONE)
Added PC for making investments.(DONE)

Implement a Paycheck System (DONE)
Add Paycheck modifier for Faction Pay (DONE)
Add Paycheck modifier for Job Pay (DONE)
Add Paycheck modifier for Business Income (DONE)
Add Paycheck modifier for Business Taxes (DONE)
Add Paycheck modifier for Property Taxes (DONE)
Add Paycheck modifier for LS Tax (DONE)
Add Paycheck modifier for Income Tax (DONE)

Add Additional Pharmacies within Los Santos (5 Additional - At Least) (DONE)
Add Additional Pharmacies in Blaine County and on Highways (DONE)

Create Medicinal Marijuana Item (+45 Heath) (DONE)
Add Several Dispensaries to Los Santos (DONE)
Add Marijuana Brownie Item (+75 Health) (DONE)

[Legal Jobs]

Add Taxi Job (DONE)
Add Taxi Garage (DONE)

Add Mechanic Job (DONE)
Add Mechanic Garage (DONE)
Add Mechanic HQ (DONE)
Add Hardware Store to Mechanic HQ (DONE)
Add Optional Maintenance Route Job at Mechanic HQ (DONE)

Add Trucking Job (DONE)
Add Trucking Garage (DONE)
Add Trucking HQ(DONE)
Add Trucking Delivery Mission (DONE)

Add Garbage Collection Job (DONE)
Add Garbage Collection Company Garage (DONE)
Add Garbage Collection Company HQ (DONE)
Add Garbage Collection Mission (DONE)

[Illegal Jobs]
Add Black Market Employment (DONE)
Add Gun Running Job (DONE)
Add Drug Smuggling Job(DONE)

Create Factions (Ugh) (DONE)
Add Police to Faction System (DONE)
Add Emergency Medical Services to Faction System (DONE)
Add Emergency Fire Services to Faction System (Incomplete)
Add National Guard to Faction System (Incomplete)
Add Federal Bureau of Investigation to Faction System (DONE)
Add Government of Los Santos to Faction System (DONE)

Add LSES Garage  (DONE)
Add LSES Helipad (DONE)
Add LSES Uniform Area  (DONE)
Add LSES Uniform Customization Area (DONE)
Add Hospital Entrance (DONE)
Add Elevator System to Hospital (DONE)

Add Government Vehicles Garage (DONE)
Add Government Uniform Point (DONE)
Add Government Customization Point (DONE)

Add F.B.I. Garage (DONE)
Add F.B.I. Helipad (DONE)
Add F.B.I. Armory/Ordinance (Incomplete)
Add F.B.I. Uniform Area (DONE)
Add F.B.I. Customization Area (DONE)
Add F.B.I. Elevator System (DONE)

Add Grotti Dealership (DONE)
Add Progen Dealership (DONE)
Add Enus Dealership (DONE)
Add Benefactor Dealership (DONE)
Add Truffade Dealership (DONE)
Add Gallivanter Dealership (DONE)
Add Pegassi Dealership (DONE)
Add Dewbauchee Dealership (DONE)
Add Lampadati Dealership (Incomplete)
Add Pfister Dealership (Incomplete)

[Housing System]
Add Housing System (DONE)
Create Virtual World Workaround (DONE)
Create Home Wardrobe (Save Purchased Outfits) (DONE)
Create Home Storage (Store items/weapons) (DONE)
Create House Garages (Spawn any owned vehicle) (DONE)
Create House Yards (DONE)
Populate Server with Homes (DONE)
Populate Server with Apartments (DONE)

Add 10 High-Wealth Properties (Incomplete)
Add 20 Medium Wealth Properties (Incomplete)
Add 20 Low Income Properties (Incomplete)
Add 2 Apartment Buildings  (Incomplete)

[Rental Cars]
Add Rental Car Location (DONE)

[Driving System]
Add MySql stored field for a 'Driving License' (Incomplete)
Add DMV Location (Incomplete)
Add Driving Test (give player a license) (Incomplete)
Add Police License Check Ability (Incomplete)

[Chat System]
Add /OOC Functionality (DONE)
Add /LOOC Functionality (Incomplete)
Add /me Functionality (Incomplete)
Add /do Functionality (Incomplete)

[General Tweaks]
Change Convenience Store Map Icon Color to White (DONE)
Change Clothing Store Map Icon Color to Yellow (DONE)
Modify Gun Running Job to give Dirty Money that will require laundering thru a business. (DONE)
Modify /me, /do, and /looc to display only in immediate proximity to player. (Incomplete)
Modify housing system to allow multiple houses to occupy same coordinates. (Incomplete)
Fix Jobs Issue (Incomplete)

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