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[GUIDE] /ME and /DO

on Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:08 pm
Hey guys so I saw on the server people weren't doing /me or /do and were confused so I decided I would make a quick guide.

/do HELP

Alright, /do is basically like responding to an RP. This helps avoid powergaming ALOT!
John_Morris attempts to bash Mac_Gasgan's car window with his baseball. [ That was /me.]


This does not automatically give you access to the car or vehicle.
If it is locked you must do.
John_Morris attempts to unlock Mac_Gasgan's car.

This can be a succeed or fail.

You can either allow him to unlock it.
If you do, because he does not own the vehicle. You MUST unlock it.
You can also resist.
Such as.
Mac_Gasgan attempts to open the car door and push John_Morris away.


You will now have pushed him back. You can either call the police while he is down or if you have a weapon grab it and attempt to injure him.
DO NOT! Attempt to murder him. A person under 50% health must RP his injuries or it is subject to report. If you do and the police are alerted you will be subjected to murder or manslauter.


John_Morris unholsters his desert eagle from his waist holster.
John_Morris Do I succeed or s/f

(uholsters his tazer)_John_Morris.

Guys remember /me most be used for the following: Unholstering a weapon( Refusal to do this is called ASSPULL and you will be ajailed or warned if caught): Attempts to Tie, Carjack and Knocking out a person. This must be done or you will be powergaming. Which will result in a warn, ajail or possible ban.

Guys remember /do is mainly for do I succeed or s/f. You need to do these in an RP whether it be a kidnapping or arrest process.

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