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[ACCEPTED] Andrew_Jackson

on Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:02 am

Application of employment

In Character Information (IC)

[size=18]Name: Andrew_Jackson
Age: 36
Past Positions In Law Enforcement: No Answer
Experience: No Answer
Do you have any recommendations?: No Answer
Why are you right for the SAPD?: Yes i am
How is your English on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best): 10

Out Of Character Information (OOC)

Level: 1
How Long Have You Been RPing?: about 12 months nearly
How Long Have You Played Our Server?: Since today
Have You Been Law Enforcement On Another Server?: Yes i have
Which One?: ( HBG i was a senior officer ) ( Vallhalla server i was a Officer )

Story: (Please make this at least 1000 words not double spaced. This will help us to determine if you are proficient with the English language, and are at a level of reading/typing that will allow you to perform adequately as a member of the LSPD.)
IC Story

Hello and thank you for reading my application, my name is Andrew Jackson, I am 36 years old and I was born and raised in a family of law enforcement agents. I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts and have recently moved to Los Santos. I have attended school for over 5 years ever since I graduated high school to obtain the degrees I currently hold. My experiences in Boston were quite traumatic seeing the crimes that happened in that city. And that's what has made me want to become a police officer in Los Santos.

I feel that with me education and knowledge that I can not only help the community but also help my fellow officers in educating them for the future to be better officers and also to bond with my co-workers as well. Not only does my knowledge extend to textbook facts, but I am also very competent in using my common sense and judgement skills to take each situation and deal with it accordingly.

My Father was a police officer in Boston for over 25 years and over those years that I have been alive; I have been learning and acquiring knowledge about the field of Law. He was my biggest influence to becoming a police officer. He was a very good cop and I feel that it is in my genes to be a good cop. I wish to follow in his footsteps and take over where my father had left off.

I used to have a desk job at an advertising agency. One day, I was sorting through all the minutiae of corporate nonsense and just decided that I was tired of having a “job,” and working for the weekend. All the things that were of grave importance in my life at that time-TPS reports, water cooler gossip, etc.-none of it mattered in the grand scheme of things to me. Taking all that into consideration, I looked at what I thought separated a “job” from a life’s work. In short, I wanted to find something that dealt with true human emotions. I wanted something that tested who I was. A police officer.

I want to see different things, experience different things, I want things to change. I kind of like the fact I don't know what to expect, it is like Christmas to me. It is the knowledge that I have to power to save lives that makes me want to become a law enforcement officer.

Why i would like to be in the Los Santos Police Department

I am hard working and devoted to my work, I can bring my excellent skills in shooting, training and commanding. The three skills are useful in most situations and some people do not know how to use them properly, I do, and I'm prepared to use them. You should choose me over other applicants because I don't slack around and I would do anything I am set to do. I want to help protect my community by keeping criminals off the street. I want to protect my family and my friends. I want people who murder, steal, and rape innocent people put away behind bars. The money is pretty low and many people dislike cops, but I could never see myself doing anything else. It's challenging and rewarding. You become part of a family; you fight alongside your brave brothers and sisters in blue. There isn't a profession quite like it. It's exciting and each day brings new challenges that you have to overcome to better the safety of your community.

To be physically and mentally prepared for the job, and to perform all of the duties necessary to do so. However I do expect to gain qualities by becoming a police officer. All of the police officers that I had run into during my time in Los Santos have been very mature individuals with a positive outlook on life. I wish to obtain the same, while maintaining a good image towards the community while carrying the respect of the badge and the honor of upholding the law. Being healthy, mentally and physically, is of course a part of the job, and as a requirement of the job, will keep me motivated to stay in shape and my psyche in full-tact.

With my experience and education behind me, I would like to be a positive asset towards the department. I wish to learn with my fellow officers while sharing my knowledge with them as best as I can. I will use everything in my power to lower the crime in Los Santos while keeping the community in line. Using the tools provided to me, and my situational awareness I will be able to effectively uphold my duties as an enforce of the law in the city of Los Santos.

(( 800 words.. expect some great RP from me! ))

Andrew Meyer
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Re: [ACCEPTED] Andrew_Jackson

on Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:25 am

Andrew_Jackson, Congratulations. You have been accepted to join the Los Santos Police Department.

By submitting this applications you are stating that you are willing to protect and server those of Los Santos by upholding all laws and standards of the State of San Andreas, and the codes and regulations of the LSPD. If you choose to follow through on your commitment to this job you will progress through the ladder that is the LSPD hierarchy. You will begin your training as a cadet. Since you have been accepted you are required to be familiar with all the laws and codes detailed here.

Welcome to the Los Santos Police Department
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