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[GUIDE] Reporting/Unbann Appeals

on Sat Dec 04, 2010 9:09 am
In this HandBook im going to tell you how to report a player and make an unbann appeal the right way. Any information regarding this guide may be posted below. Comments may be posted below as well. Any information not pretaining to this guide plase do not post. Thank you

Reporting a Player

There are two ways you can report a player. In-Game and on the Forums. Either way of reporting a player is fine, so there is no wrong choice when choosing.
What should I do if i see a player breaking a rule? Try to get a screenshot of the player breaking the rule or a video. After getting proof and he is still breaking the rule type /admins If any names show up then there is an admin online. Now all you have to do is type /report and follow the format given.
If you type /admins and no name/names show up. Then go online and upload your videos/pictures with a website you please.(Photobukcet, xfire, yfrog, and etc..) After that go to our forums (your on our forums). Go to the player section and make a post using the correct format.

Also, if you see an admin breaking a rule or abusing his powers do the same. Except dont use /report. Get pictures and videos of the admin breaking a rule/abusing his powers. Then upload them and come here. Go to The reports topic in player section and use this format to report an admin.

Unbann Appeals

If you have been banned and you believe you have been banned unfairly. Then you may post an appeal. But before you post an appeal make a post in general chat about why you got banned. This is so you have your facts straight when making an appeal. After getting the information needed go to the Unbann Appeals in the Player Section and use this format when posting an appeal.

After making the appeal sit and wait. Don't post every five minutes saying hurry up. This will not help you get unbanned. Also, use nice words. And dont show aggerison or anger in the appeal. Be calm and nice when making it.

Also if you log into your account on SAMP and it says you have been banned. Try logging in serval times. There is a bug with SAMP that does this and relogging in can fix the problem. But after 6 times you still cant join the server, following the Unbannn Appeals guide.

I hope this helps you new and some olds players here. Thank you for reading. Watch for more upcoming HandBooks. Also if you have an idea for a HandBook and would like to see it posted, send me a PM with your idea and what the goal of the Handbook is.
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